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Terrestrial Artifacts

Coin of a Thousand
Artifact: 3
Jade Coin

This Artifact is a Jade coin with arcane writings on either side. When activated with 3 motes of Essence, it causes all loose coins in the area to fly to it (this effect is *very* obvious, making the Artifact all but useless for theft purposes). The swarm of coinage then obeys the users command; he may shape them into a sword, a whip, a rope, a shield, virtually anything so long as there are enough coins. For 5 motes extra, the coins will spiral about his person and automatically intercept any attack, even ones the user is unaware of. If he loses contact with the magical Coin (for ex, it's successfully knocked out of his hand) then the borrowed coins all cascade to the ground.

Diamond Feather
Artifact: NHandofOmega/A
Golden Jade Grand Daiklave
Speed 0 Accuracy +2 Damage +11L (+14L against Solars) Defense 0
Requires: Strength 3; Commitment: 10

This unique Daiklave was created by a powerful Terrestrial sorcerer, who attempted to create nothing less than the perfect weapon. Some say he bargained with the Yozis for knowledge, but however he did it, he invented a sixth form of Jade Alloy, Golden Jade. He only made a small portion of the stuff and managed to forge it into one Artifact but his untimely (and *extremely* mysterious) death: Diamond Feather. DF is a Grand Daiklave, whose crystalline golden appearance and beautifully serrated edge live up to its name. Any Terrestrial may attune it (10 motes) and gains the benefits a Solar would gain from an Orichalcum weapon. DF is esp. effective against Solars, and does 3L *extra* damage to any who taste its bite. Its greatest power, however, is the ability to absorb any Charms or Spells (of any Circle) used against its wielder, and, at her command, use them on the caster or any target of her choice. DF may store up to 5 Spells at a time, but grows progressively hotter and brighter with each one (tho it does no extra damage by this); the more spells held, the shorter the time it can hold them, until it starts discarging the spells' energy harmlessly into the sky. The Scarlet Empress was said to crave DF for her arcane collection, but stories say that whenever her agents came close to securing it, some bizarre circumstance would prevent them from attaining it...Savants also say that, as great as Diamond Feather is, its scabbard, about which little is known and which may not even exist, is even greater still...

Immaculate Artifacts

Monks of the Immaculate Order are encouraged to rely on their physical/spiritual training and not on Artifacts. Nevertheless, there are times when even the greatest monk can make a difficult task easier with artificial aids. Below are some of the time-honored instruments the Immaculates find occasional use for, which tradition ascribes to the Elemental Dragons themselves...

Compelling Breath of the Water Dragon
Artifact: 2 Black Jade Censer

Said to be of great use to Daana'd, Elemental Dragon of Water, these censers are finely crafted from Black Jade alloy, usually in elaborately filligreed shapes. Spending 5 motes of Essence and swinging the censer while burning any kind of incense within it forces all spirits in the area to automatically materialize (at their own cost). An additional 5 motes makes the spirits sluggish, truthful and vunerable to suggestion (assuming they do not immediately flee).

Uplifting Wings of the Fire Dragon
Artifact: 2
Red Jade Geta Shoes

Credited to the Dragon of Fire, Hesiesh, these sandels of Red Jade, when activated with 5 motes, allow the monk to run and jump with extraordinary speed and agility (cumulative with any Charms he may be using); they can also be used for kicking (+3B), and can deflect lethal attacks (usually with a flashy show of sparks). These shoes are normally a very simple, platform design.

Imprisoning Maw of the Wood Dragon
Artifact: 3
Green Jade Fan

Bequethed by Sextes Jylis, Dragon of Wood, this Artifact is a single, unadorned folding fan, whose ribs are of Green Jade alloy. After the Immaculate user has reduced a spirits' Essense or Health Levels to below half (whether thru Charms or combat), she snaps open the fan and activates it with 5 motes; a mighty spiritual wind springs up, sucking the weakened spirit into the fan, which the Immaculate then snaps closed. The fan then bears a stylized image representing its prisoner, who can be communicated with and freed at will.

Enshrouding Gaze of the Air Dragon
Artifact: 2 Blue Jade Rimmed Travelling Hat

This Artifact, attributed to Mela, Dragon of Air, is useful to many Immaculates travelling abroad. While it appears to be nothing more than a decorated broadbrimmed straw hat, the outer band and spokes are of Blue Jade alloy. 5 motes poured into it shields the Immaculate from detection by any nearby spirit. Certain hats with sharpened edges may also be used as chakrams (Artifact: 3)...

Stone Song of the Earth Dragon
Artifact: 3 White Jade Prayer Beads

Pasiap, Dragon of Earth, supposedly created this Artifact, which consists of a number of White Jade prayer beads, each inscribed with a verse from the Immaculate Texts, on a very strong, yet elastic, string. When wrapped around a spirit and fed 5 motes of Essence, these beads immobilize that spirit. They may also be scattered over an area to keep spirits within a certain area or ward the area from them (5 yards X Essence). Most Prayer Beads are small enough to wrap around the monks' arm, but a few are larger and are worn around the neck...

(Note: If any monk attempts to use all these devices at once, then he WILL explode^^)