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Solar Anima and Charm Changes


Twilight: The Twilight Caste gets the following anima abilities instead of their standard anima power.

At 11+ motes of Essence, Twilight Caste Exalts take no DV penalties for any non-attack actions that they take, including Dash, Cast Sorcery, and Miscellaneous actions.

Dawn Charms


Archery Charms port over perfectly to Firearms. All Charms on this tree can apply to Archery, Firearms, or Heavy Weapon, with the following exception:

Immaculate Golden Bow: This Charm functions only for the Archery aspect.

There are also new Archery Charms - see the 'New Solar Charms' section for more details.

<b>Martial Arts:</b>
Solar Hero Form: The success-doubling formula of this Charm is automatic; the character does not have to pay 1 mote per activation.

Eclipse Charms


Many Sail Charms do not function properly outside of the Sail aspect. As such, the Charm tree is undergoing modifications. See the 'New Solar Charms' section for more details.