Fox Beast Armour

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Fox Armor - Telgar
Artifact • • •
Soak: 4L/5B
Mobility: -0 Fatigue: 0
Commitment: 5

A light suit of chain mail including a sleeveless shirt and pants made of Red or White Jade along with a stylized Fox head helmet and carefully worked mantle and bracers. The most popular armor for ambushes and night attacks, the Fox Armor incorporates a number of enchantments designed to aid in undetected movement and combat against larger foes, a necessity as Fox Warriors were often small to avoid sight, so Fox Armor gives 2 dice to fight larger opponents. Combat and combat related actions (scouting ahead, locating targets, sneaking up on enemies) gain a 2 die bonus when performed at night or under the effects of stealth magic. In addition, anti-surprise Charms do not warn of impending attacks by Fox Warriors unless the Charm user succeeds on a difficulty 4 Per + Awareness roll.

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