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Bountiful Vitae</b> (Artifact • • • •)
Jade and soulsteel grimscythe

<b>Speed 4, Accuracy +4, Damage +6L, Defense +3L, Rate 2, Minimum Strength 2, Attune 6, Notes D,P

Bountiful Vitae is a soulsteel scythe blade atop a hilt and handle of green jade with a red pommel made ot resemble a rose in bloom, with the thorns cutting into the weilders palm.

It attunes as soulsteel, and all material bonuses are included in the statistics above. Additonally like all soulsteel weapons it drains motes of essence equal to it's weilders permanent essence with every strike that inflicts damage. But what sets it apart is that the blade drinks from the blood of it's foes, and returns that lifegiving flow to the weilder; each damaging blow may also heal the weilder of 1 non-aggrivated health level. Bountiful Vitae provides one Hearthstone slot.


Hmm, the healing effect concerns me, that could be abusive and broken, but I'd like to see it play-tested. - SagaciousAscendingHero

• Two ideas I did have to offset that, but wanted feedback before I suggested, were as my old storyteller has it with healing a maximum of the weilders essense in health levels each scene (but that just seems like extra bookkeeping to me), or that in any attack it heals it does not also drain motes (although the draining motes is a somewhat essencial feature in the character who weilds Bountiful Vitae's costly combos.