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Swampjack (Gaboon viper)
7 feet long
S/D/S 1/3/1
P/I/W/W 2/1/2/2
Dodge 3
Soak 0L/1B
Health -3/I
Attacks: Bite 6/6/1L+Poison/3
Athletics1, Awareness 1, Dodge 4, MA 3, Presence 1 (Intimidation 3), Resistance 1, Stealth 3, Survival 2
Poison: Dmg 6L, Tox 2 Tol -/- Pen -6
This snake has a wide triangular head with large cream, yellow-white, orange or silvery eyes with vertical slits. The body is very heavily built. The scales are keeled and coloration consists of a series of pale, rectangular patches running down the center of the back, interspaced with dark, yellow-edged hourglass markings. The head is white or cream with a fine, dark central line, black spots on the rear corners, and a dark blue-black triangle behind and below each eye. This is a very placid snake. Bites are rare and the neuro/hemotoxin is not particularly venomous but is delivered in large amounts. Swampjacks are found in rainforests and damp woodlands, manily in the Southwest and West.