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Winter Rain

Who he is

High Priest on the Island of Sun. It is Winter Rain's responsibility to communicate with the spirits of the water, keep the fishermen safe, drive away the Storm Mothers, and maintain the old temple to the Sun God, whose name was forgotten long ago...


Winter Rain was born to a family of peasants, but on the Isle of the Sun, the most common occupation is the priesthood. When he was twelve, he was apprenticed to a priest at the central temple of the Sun God where he spent his adolescence. Unfortunately for him, he found the life of a temple functionary to be the most boring existence possible, and he constantly plotted ways to get out of the temple. When his mentor was sent on an exorcism and took Winter Rain along, Winter Rain decided that ghost hunting was his calling. He had never felt so useful--compared to sitting in a temple endlessly cleaning and chanting hymns, ghost hunting at least had measureable results. He became a professional ghost hunter, and within a few years had build up quite a business for himself.

After Winter Rain's Exaltation, the people of the Isle of the Sun viewed him as the chosen of the Sun God. They saw him as a prophet sent to inspire them, and with the voice of the god still ringing in his memories, he could hardly dissuade them. At their insistence, he agreed to take on the position of high priest at the temple of the Sun God. This has, unfortunately, only reminded him of his days as a acolyte, and Winter Rain longs for a time when he had no one to answer to but himself and his patron.


Winter Rain has olive colored, almost golden skin and bright blue spiky hair which he tends to keep shoulder length. He is a very attractive man, and only his position as high priest and prophet has kept him from being flooded with marriage offers. He's moderately tall (around five eight), and rather thin--a lifestyle of wandering in the wilderness looking for hidden graveyards has kept him in shape. He's started to get a little heavier in the last two years with his sedentary lifestyle, however--yet another reason that he wants to get out and be more active.

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