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Storm Jacket

Long favored by the Night Castes of the First Age, a Storm Jacket is widely regarded as some of the best armor for those who can't afford to even look like they might be wearing armor. The jacket looks like nothing more than a comfortable overcoat, often cut in multiple fashions to fit into different situations. The orichalcum or moonsilver used in their construction was contained in the interior lining of the coat, and was generally not visible to anyone who gave the wearer even a fairly long inspection. The exterior of the coat typically looked like soft suede, or harder leather, depending on the desires of the ones who constructed the armor. A small amount of starmetal was also used in every Storm Jacket, along with whatever primary material was used in its construction; this was to help direct blows so that they hit the magically reinforced material.

The secrets of the Storm Jacket's construction and enchantment are largely lost, even with the few accounts of the First Age that remain. A few wise Savants know the secrets of the armor's name, however, knowing that the Solar Anathema of the past would capture and bind some of the magic’s of exceedingly powerful storm elementals from the ever most north for the construction of these light fighting garments.

Storm Jacket
Artifact ••
Artifact Low-Profile Armor
(statistics) 6/5 Soak, -0 Mobility penality, 1 Fatigue
Commitment: 5

Others Powers of the Storm Jacket

  • Low-Profile. A Storm Jacket that isn't generally known as armor is exceedingly hard to actually detect as any kind of protection; it looks very much like some normal item of clothing. In the First Age, it was generally impossible to do such, since the Night Caste was constantly constructing new looks for their Storm Jackets to avoid giving themselves away -- in this fallen age, however, some might recognize the armor for what it is based on knowledge of the 'traditional' looks of the armor. This requires a Int+Lore roll, at difficulty 7. Actually finding the magical materials in a thorough examination (the only hint as to the armor's nature) requires five net successes on a difficulty 7 Per+Investigation roll.
  • Hidden Compartment. The Storm Jacket has a variable number of normal pockets, mostly along the outer side of the armor. However, it also contains two special pockets that link to small pockets of Elsewhere -- these can each be filled with items about the size of two knives, some papers, or other light items. Anyone unattuned to the item trying to locate the existance of these pockets on a detailed search must get three net succeses on a difficulty 7 Per+Investigation roll.
  • Natural Line. Due to the delicate arrangement of Starmetal along the lines of the jacket's interior, most blows are directed toward the actual armor. In general, any blow not directed specifically at an unarmored portion of the armor will automatically hit the character's Storm Jacket and be subjected to the armors extra soak. Anyone attempting to deliberately attack a part of the character not protected by the armor subtracts three successes from his attack roll. If he gets at least three successes, he may ignore the target's soak. Otherwise, he only manages to halve it by hitting a lightly armored portion of the Storm Jacket. Note, the armor does not attract any blows that aren't aimed at the character nor attacks that would otherwise miss.