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Artifact Knives

This is a small page for a specific type of artifact weapon, in this particular case -- knives! All non-legendary artifact knives that I make will go on this particular subpage, in full detail, regardless of level or badassitude.

the Serpeng Fang Knife

the Serpent Fang Knife is commonly cast carefully carved and worked Green Jade, flowing veins of Moonsilver, or (rarely) brilliant Orichalcum. Much smaller than a Daiklave, this fighting knife is a variant of the Short Daiklave -- even smaller, designed for close-in fighting and stealth work. It's a swift weapon, light in the hand and well suited to swift quick attacks.

Serpent Daiklave
(statistics) Speed +2, Accuracy +2, Damage +3L, Defense +1, Rate 7
(minimums) D **
Commitment: 3

Other Powers of the Serpent Daiklave

  • Serpent-sting. Following a successful blow that penetrates armor, the wielder can choose to reflexively spend 3 motes and make a Stamina + Essence roll against a difficulty of the opponent's Resistance score. Every success on this roll results in a -1 penality for the rest of the scene, from hallucinations. The effects of this ability do not stack; if used again on the same opponent, apply the higher penality.

(Element)'s Klaive

These fighing knives were made during the height of the First Age, and employ long lost techniques that make them especially dangerous by harnessing the raw power of the elements directly into the small razor-sharp blade. Each was constructed primarily of the appropriate type of jade, with light inlays of orichalcum along the hilt and runes of the same material on the flat of the blade itself. These blades were most commonly used by Solars and Lunars, but a number of exceptonal Dragon-Blooded had such a potent weapon crafted for them by their celestial lords. In the Second Age, most examples of these weapons are kept by the Realm, with the Silver Pact and Lookshy having the next largest concentrations.

(Element)'s Klaive
Artifact •••
(general statistics) Speed +0, Accuracy +3, Damage +3L, Defense +1, Rate 6
(thrown; air only) Accuracy +2, Damage +4L, Range 150 yards, Rate 2
(vs. wyld; earth only) Accuracy +4, Damage +7A, Defense +1, Rate 6
(minimums) S *
Commitment: 7

Other Powers of the (Element)'s Klaive

  • Blessed by the Dragons. There are five different types of Klaives, each blessed by a specific element and constructed according to lost principals of the First Age. One of these weapons is always recognizable when unsheathed, despite it's appearance as a jade-and-orichalcum weapon, due to the strong feeling of elemental power that radiates from the blade.
    • Air's Klaive. These weapons are made of blue jade and orichalcum, and are ice-cold to the touch. Any wound inflicted upon someone with this weapon does not bleed, as the victims blood freezes on contact with the blade. This requires the subject soak an extra 3L of cold-based damage, and requires mortals to make a Stamina + Resistance roll (difficulty 3) to avoid a heart attack. This weapon can also be thrown, with the stats listed above, returning to the wielders hand the turn after. If this return is impeded in some fashion, the attuned user can retrieve the weapon by reflexively spending one mote, the weapon flitting back to his hand through Elsewhere. These weapons usually come in sets of two.
    • Earth's Klaive. These weapons are made of white jade and orichalcum, and glisten lightly in the sunlight. These weapons are especially potent against the Wyld, and were often kept as secondary weapons and tools by those travelling into the Chaos beyond Creation. When used against the Fair Folk or any form of Wyld Creature or Monster, these weapons do extra damage (see above chart) and react in all ways as if the weapon was made of cold iron. The bearer also recives +3 extra successes on any roll to resist Wyld Mutation, the effects of Fae powers or similar effects. Finally, the bearer can spend 3 motes and mark a person or object with the blade (a shallow cut is fine) to convey the same resistance to them for a few days.
    • Fire's Klaive. These weapons are made from red jade and orichalcum, and are red hot to the touch. Whenever unsheathed these blades give off a fine amount of smoke, and a few sparks. The blade can be used to start a fire with a simple touch, and any attack does an extra 2L damage that must be soaked separately. In addition, on any successful attack (even one that does no damage), the bearer can spend 4 motes of essence and engulf the victim in a vast hot-burning flame. This flame counts as enviromental damage, and requires a Stamina + Resistance roll at difficulty 3 every turn. On a success, the target takes 2L damage, while he takes 6L damage on a failure. Armor provides no protection from this damage, but it can be soaked with Stamina -- no minimum damage applies. This fire requires unusual methods to extinguish, but only lasts three turns at worst.
    • Water's Klaive. These weapons are made from black jade and orichalcum, and their touch stings with the bite of salt. The cuts caused by this blade are exceedingly painful to the victim, and double any applicable wound penalities. Even the initial -0 health level gives the victim a wound penality of one die to all actions. Deliberate attempts to inflict pain are especially potent with this blade, and any rolls relying on such gain +3 extra dice. In addition, this is a perfect close-in fighting weapon and can be utilized as if it was an unarmed attack with Brawl charms and attacks. It may be used as a clinching-aid as well.
    • Wood's Klaive. These weapons are made from green jade and oriclahcum, and have a tendency to grow in wicked and deadly shapes. The blade must be periodically trimmed and managed, but this is relatively simply and only requires Craft 1. This natural growth gives the blade a very organic look, and makes it more deadly -- it's damage is raised to +4L. Anyone injured by this weapon has his essence imbalanced with raw wood energy. The unfortunate victim (in a great deal of pain) takes a single unsoakable health level of damage every day, and must make a Stamina + Resistance roll at difficulty 2. He must continue to make such rolls until he accumulates six successes (healing the essence imbalance) or perishes. If a subject dies from this essence imbalance, a particularly hardy and thorny vine-bush grows from his body.