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The Wyld Brigade

The Wyld Brigade is a small band of brigands who plague the Eastern Threshold. Like many such bands, they prey on the weak and helpless unlucky enough to fall into their grasp. Unlike most such groups, they have organizational discipline, and often hire themselves out as a mercenary company when war and the pay are both good. Unique to them, the Wyld Brigade's core leadership is composed of warriors who have been mutated, more or less benevolently, by exposure to the Wyld. Their terrifying effectiveness in combat is the main reason that the wealthy and powerful are willing to hire them as well as why they have not yet been hunted down in force and exterminated for their crimes against commoners when they get bored.

The Brigade's members can be identified by the chaotically-swirling colored pattern on the voluminous hooded capes they wear and by a similar tattoo on their backs in the shape of a colorful centipede. All of the Brigade are Wyld Addicts, have the Experience Background at 4-5 and have the Wanted Flaw.

The Brigade's Wyld-Blooded are:

Horos, the Swift-Minded: The brains of the outfit, Horos looks like an emaciated scholar with a cranium at least a few sizes too large for his body. He is not quite as helpless as he looks, as the Wyld has given him the Dragon's Breath mutation, but he still prefers to avoid direct confrontation, instead managing the Brigade's conflicts from the rear with the focussed power of his intellect and magical skills. He is a powerful Thaumaturgist as well as an insightful strategist (Knowledge Background of 5, and the Merits Prodigy (Lore: Strategy) and Tactical Instincts), tho his personal skills need refining. His biggest weakness is his naked lust for anything female, including his teammates...

Running Fang, the Tireless: Formerly a Linowan hunter, Running Fang's mutation would have made him a nonpariel to his people, had it not also made him an abomination. What the Wyld took, it more than replaced: He is now blind, but has the mutations Blind Sight, Cheetah's Pace, Inexhaustible and Chameleon. Running Fang now lives for the Hunt, and often heads straight for the strongest foe on the battlefield.

Lyjia, the Breathless: A former Nexus whore, Lyjia retained her Enchanting Features, but none of her humanity from the Wyld. It gave her the gifts of Toxin and Poison Mastery, as well as concealable Claws with which to share them. These abilities serve her well as the assassin of the group. With impeccable manners and fashion sense, she normally dresses elegantly, trusting to her regal manner and exquisite looks to get her to her targets. While she professes to be above simple butchery, Lyjia loves the taste of hot blood more than any of the others...

Shar, the Deft: Shar is the most unobtrusive of the Brigade and not just because of her small size. The Wyld has left her Tiny, but given her Multiple Arms, which combined with Wall Walking and Webbing (as well as the Merits Double-Jointed, Ambidextrous and Danger Sense), give her her spider-like image. Shar serves as the spy and thief of the team, getting in where others cannot to learn of the movements of their prey. She is also the weakest link of the chain, as her Disturbing appearance drives her into a depression over her lost humanity...

Kruk, the Colossus: A simple, nearly mindless creature, Kruk's Giant Body of Stone (along with the Pain Tolerance Merit) renders him nearly unstoppable on the battlefield. His Berserker tendencies, Fangs and Diet of Flesh means that the Brigade keep him as a last resort, for when they are greatly outnumbered or simply wish to make a statement...