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Crawling Nightmare Escape</b>

<b>Cost: 10 motes, 1 Health Level
Duration: Dodge in turns
Type: Reflexive
Min. Dodge: 5
Min Essence: 4
Prereqs: Incomparable Phantom Form, Flowing Evasion Assualt

Even as an opponent strikes at the Abyssal, he shrieks and breaks his body down, devolving into a swarm of small vermin that scitter and scamper away in all directions. The Abyssal can use this Charm to split into a large mass of small creatures, always some form of vermin associated with death or decay. Examples include spiders, beetles, maggots, rats, snakes and other such creatures. The Abyssal always transforms into the same kind of creature, a sort of signature. The creatures the character transforms into must always move along the ground.

When this Charm is activated the character becomes effectively immune to all attacks. Strikes may crush or destroy any number of the Abyssal's component parts, but so long as even one piece survives the Exalt will fully reform at the end of this Charm's duration, in the same condition they were when this Charm was activated. Storytellers are free to allow sufficiently huge area effect attacks to destroy the character. The swarm can move at a rate of the Abyssal's (Dodge + Essence) x 5 yards per turn, easily circumnavigating most mundane obstacles in the same manner a normal animal of that type could (meaning that most non-airtight places can be entered by the Exalt). This Charm can not be maintained for more than the Exalt's Dodge ability in turns. While using this Charm, the Exalt can not attack opponents. He may reflexively end the effects of this Charm at any time if he wants to attack.