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Savage Corpse Style

This isnt complete, but I haven't had much inspiration to continue this in a while. - SagaciousAscendingHero

Shambler Stampede Attack

  • Cost: 5m + 1m/ yd
  • Duration: Instant
  • Type: Simple
  • Min MA:
  • Min Ess:

The martial artist charges at an oppenent with the deterination that is usually only possessed by mindless zombies. The attack does double damage after soak but before rolling, and target is thrown back 1 yd per mote spent on the charm(max Ess x2), and must check for knockdown with a diffculty equal to the martial artist's Essence

Flesh Replenishing Prana

  • Cost: 7m 1w
  • Duration: Instant
  • Type: Simple
  • Min MA: 5
  • Min Ess: 4

If the turn is spent feeding on the flesh of a fresh corpse (dead no more than the martial artist's Ess in turns) you regain 1 bashing health level per Essence of the victim. If you feed from living flesh you must either have a method of attacking with your teeth and the heath levels regained are lethal and equal to the damage actually done. This must be used in a clinch.

Armor Rotting Strike

  • Cost: 1m per 1L or 2B soak reduced
  • Duration: Intant
  • Type: Supplemental
  • Min MA: 2
  • Min Ess: 2

Each mote reduces the targets soak by 1B or 2L for this attack only to minimum of the targets Essence.

Savage Corpse Form

  • Cost: 6m
  • Duration: One Scene
  • Type: Simple
  • Min MA: 4
  • Min Ess: 3

When activated add your Martial Arts to your soak and unarmed attacks, and ignore up to your Essence in negative effects to your character due to bodily injury, paralysis, or similar affects. You cause lethal barehandedly and gain a bite attack with stats equal to an abyssal's fangs. The charm is not compatable with armor. Characters cannot use more than one Martial Arts Form-type Charm at a time.

Semblance of the Corpse

  • Cost: 8m 1w
  • Duration: Essence in days
  • Type: Simple
  • Min MA: 4
  • Min Ess: 4

Upon activating this charm, the Exalt takes on the complete physicality of a corpse including not needing to drink, eat, breathe, and the inablity to move, see, hear, etc. Any examination will find the body to be 100% a corpse unless some method of examination is used that can detect the use of essence in the charm. You add twice your Essence to all soak totals whilein the corpse-like state. The willpower cost is paid when you wish to coome out of it or at the end of the duration. You dont regain motes from rest or roll for willpower each morning while this charm is active.

Undead Horde Mirage

  • Cost: 9m 1w
  • Duration: Scene
  • Type: Simple
  • Min MA: 3
  • Min Ess: 2

The martial artist creates a number of illusionary duplicates of himself equal to his martial arts ability. This adds a penalty to attack or target him equal to his Essence. This doesnt apply to area effects and attacks that aren't based on vision. The penalty can be halved (round up) by succeeding in a Wits + Awareness at a difficulty of the Exalt's Martial Arts.


This comment moved from a duplicate version:

Some nice effects with this style, I definitely like it for the ugly skeleton/zombie Abyssal. My only problem with the charms I see is that the mote costs seem a bit off. Shambler Stampede Attack seems about right, but perhaps change it to 5 motes + 1 mote per 2 yards, and make it Supplemental. Flesh Replenishing Prana should definitely have the willpower cost, but maybe only cost 4 or 5 motes. The Savage Corpse Form charm seems really cheap for all it does, with the adding MA to soak and MA attacks (where Water Dragon form only adds essence to attacks in addition to the MA soak boost, all for 5 motes). That would be enough for a form charm if that was all it did, but it also lets you ignore penalties up to your essence rating, do lethal damage unarmed, AND grants an bite attack. So maybe this is a 8-10 mote form charm. Semblance of the Corpse is... well, what is it for? If I'm reading it correctly, you don't need to eat, drink, breathe and such, but you can't move, and you don't regain motes or willpower... and for some reason you have double (natural?) soak. ... wouldn't the penalties lower the cost of the charm at all, say 5 motes flat? Unless I don't understand what you meant and you can in fact move, in which case 8m, 1w is about right. Undead Horde Mirage is definately the most overcostly, all you're doing is adding essence to difficulty to hit, thats 4 motes at most and no willpower. Anyway, hope I helped. -- Supes (I also fixed the typo in the soak reducer charm text. ^^)