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The League of Fifteen Fox

In the First Age, The League of Five Fox were lead by a small solar of lesser power then most, his stature mirroring his status. The League was swift, learning mastery of archery under Red Fox and applying their skill against any target pointed out by his discerning eye. As the age passed Red Fox grew in power and became co placement in the size of his coffers but not his status. He commissioned the construction of 10 additional suits and was ready to make more. Picking from the sons and daughters of sons of the original four fighters, he gave his favorites the original four and the others received the newer suits with the promise that their children would also be allowed to dawn them in the future, but that future would never be realized for Eric, The Red Fox of Taught String was slain by the wise decision of the Sidereal. Even Red Fox could see the change in himself and the emptiness caused by the Unconquered Sun turning his back on his children.
One of the Fifteen was approached by a Sidereal with the intent to turn him against the Solar but the message was passed directly to Red Fox, who sent his students and those of the League to find safety with their families and destroy the armour so that they would suffer no repercussions. Eric fought against the Dragonblood traitors as they came into range only to die from an attack from behind by poisoned blade. He never saw his killer or felt him coming even as he tried to turn and face them, the world grew dark.
Red Fox was dead but the League had not scattered as he commanded. As his body was taken by troops to burn, the Fourteen came down upon them attacking from the trees and bushes circling the remaining force.Grabbing the body of their fallen leader, The League of Fox disappeared into the woods spiriting it away to the East so that neither his body and armour could be used as trophy. The League disbanded but did not destroy their armour. Some hid it, not willing to destroy the ideals it represented, others handed them down to their children with the stories of Red Fox, even in the time of the Immaculate Order, these children told their children that not all Solar were truly demons. In some generations the armour was discarded or lost when the stories attached to them were forgotten. There are still those who remember, but without Red Fox can there be a League?

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