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Starmetal Armour: Armour made from starmetal reduces post-soak damage by 1 die, rather than one level. This die may reduce damage below an attacker's Essence.

Reinforced Breastplate: This Artifact costs only Artifact 3.
Superheavy Plate: This Artifact costs only Artifact 4.

Thunderbolt Shield: This shield provides +2 difficulty to melee and ranged attacks, and has a -1 Mobility penalty. In addition, each shield has an extra minor effect:
Orichalcum: Has no mobility penalty. Moonsilver: May be slung on an arm, allowing the arm to be used freely.
Starmetal: Applies a -1 die penalty to attack rolls.
Jade: Increases soak by 2BFrivYeti/L.
Soulsteel: Deals 1L damage to any attacker that fails to hit.


Short and Long Powerbows are going to be tweaked. This will be forthcoming.



||Name||Speed||Accuracy||Damage||Rate||Range||Ammo||Tags||Artifact|| ||Steelspitter||4||+2||7L||2||25||16||P|| **|| ||Skysplitter ||5||+1||9L||2||75||6||P, 2||**|| ||Firebelcher ||6||+1||11L/4||2||15||4||P, 2, S, O||**|| ||Heaven Thunder Wand ||5||+2||11L/4||2||40||8||P, 2, O, A, B|| *** || ||Unseen Wind Slayer ||6||+3||11L/4||1||200||8||P, 2, O||***||

Steelspitter: This is an artifact pistol.
Skysplitter: This is an artifact rifle.
Firebelcher: This is an artifact shotgun.
Heaven Thunder Wand: This is an artifact assault rifle.
Unseen Wind Slayer: This is an artifact sniper rifle.

All Artifact 2 Firearms have a commitment cost of 5. Artifact 3 Firearms have a commitment cost of 7. This does not necessarily apply to unique firearms, which will be forthcoming.



Power Sources

Essence Crystal
Artifact 1-3

The World of Steel and Glass is filled with technology, and much of it requires Essence to use. However, this Essence is raw and wild, and cannot be simply primed by an Exalt or thaumaturge. Instead, it is based on the technology of the Shogunate, which used Hearthstones to draw power directly from manses. Within cities, most technology is tapped into the power grid, drawing power directly, but mobile artifacts need stronger magics. To that end, the Essence Crystal was designed, a faceted crystal of pure adamant.

To activate an Essence Crystal, any being capable of using Essence much hold the crystal and spend a number of motes. A being may spend up to double their Permanent Essence in motes per tick. For every 2 motes spent, the Crystal gains one mote. The Crystal may then be drawn upon by artifacts, as though it were a Hearthstone, until its charge is expended (remember that Hearthstones provide 2 motes per dot per hour, and therefore artifacts that require hearthstones require that much Essence.) However, each Essence Crystal has a maximum amount of draw per hour, as well as a maximum charge, based on its level:
Level 1: Maximum 4 motes per hour, holds 40 motes.
Level 2: Maximum 6 motes per hour, holds 80 motes.
Level 3: Maximum 8 motes per hour, holds 120 motes.
Enterprising Exalts may choose to use an Essence Crystal to draw energy, by fitting it into a hearthstone slot. However, they cannot draw more motes than the artifact's normal limit, making this an inefficient means of recovery.

Essence Crystals cannot be overcharged; any attempt to place extra Essence in them simply causes a brilliant display of light. They are as tough as any other artifact.