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The Grand Shaman Curing the Bitter Coil of Life

(Title is a work in progress)

The King of Eternal Sorrow

This former Eclipse only recently became a Deathlord. While only an essence 6 Deathlord, he is still quite potent. He has only a few Abyssal sparks but they are used quite well. In life, he had a loose alliance of barbarians and Fair Folk in the southwest. It was at the Lap that his forces were defeated by Cathak forces. The Fair Folk escaped with him. Eventually finding a lost manse in the southern desert that contained a treasure trove of first age books, he taught himself the first two circles of sorcery. The power he gained made him drunk on power. Feeling that he could take on Cathak forces this time with only himself, a few Fair Folk and his Battle Imalgum, he left to conquor Gem. His Imalgum stopped dead in their tracks and his fair folk lost their names. He never returned from this battle. The neverborn kept a careful watch over this one for quite some time. When he died, they knew that his desire for power would continue even in death. They offered him eternal power and he accepted.


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