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Cynis Chahailis' Journal

Secret of the Bull's Horn Massacre

The sun began to rise as the legions began to take down camp, the massive swarms of troops moved with machine like efficiency, they were the best trained men and women in the world. Talonlord Tepet Zehex rolled a bit to reveal the face of fellow talonlord, childhood friend, and lover Tepet Jasala, though he had not exalted he was a great unarmed fighter and it was that talant that allowed him to rise to this position. But not even his talant, nor the talant of his lover, not even the talant of her grandfather could slow down the advance of this horde. Barbarions, that all they were, nothing more than an uncivilized nuance that occasionaly popped up, now they were the rocks in this machines gears. Every step they took they were met with villages full of people who shouldn't pose any threat to an army raised from birth to fight as one, yet they lost men at every turn, truely the anathama are powerful, but the Realm will prevail, lead by the Princes of the Earth, he thought staring at the blue and white haired godess next to him.

She awoke with a start, something with in her stired as she dashed out of the tent to spy a lone man silhouetted on the horizon, shadowed all except for the glistining sunburst upon his brow. Wordlessly the figure drew his bow, as thousands of arrows fell from the bow in an instant, Zehex ran to his love, as the carnage of his men flew about nothing but shadows of good men fell to the ground, as the arrow fell through his leg he watched an arrow strike Jasala in the breast. A voiceless scream flew from Zehex's lips as the anathima walked away. Zehex crawled to his love.

"Perfect." Zehex turned to the voice, just in time to see a monk appear from thin air, Zehex identified it as some kind of sorcery, but this was beyon the realm of terrestial spells, or at least what he knew about them. Then it hit him, he recognized the face, but couldn't remember the man, it was as if his mind was forcing the monks image out of his thoughts even as the man stood before him. "Who are you??!!!" Zehex demaned clasping Jasala, just then he realized that she didn't have a wound, she was merely unconcious. "Ah the childhood friend survived? No matter it should be a simple matter to change her memories to believe that you saved he at the cost of your own life. We can't let her die, you see she is very important to the future of the realm." the monk spoke as he pulled a coin shaped insignia from her breastplate. "WHO ARE YOU!!!" a heavy sign fell from the monk. Zehex felt the sting across the back of his neck before he knew that the monk had attacked.

"All things come to an end, but unless the ruins of the Old Realm are destroyed and a new order created then creation is doomed. The cycle of chaos is continued by the Dragon Blood who are guided by masters forgotten from history. You must fight those who pull the strings of destiny from the shadows." A silvery voice spoke from the darkness, Zehex turned to see the image of a glowing silver spider climbing a thread towards the full moon.

He rose and began to wander the area, bodies of many good men sacrificed for people who wouldn't even remember their names later. He caught a smell, not of death but of live prey, he lept stright back, far farther than he should have been able to ripping through the exoskeliton, devouring the last blood of the scavenger, he could almost see a look of surprise on the ice spiders face. "Very good, you've found your totem, already." Zehex spun on his heel shouting "If the next thing that sneaks up on me dies!"

"No need for hostilities." The man said as he finished digging through a soldiers pockets. "I realize you've had a long day but we really, must begin the process of tatooing you."


"I'll explain as I work, is that acceptable?"

"Fine." Zehex growled, this had been a bitch of a day and he needed all the information he could get.

The No Moon explained about the Lunar exalted as he tatooed the Dynast. As he finished he spoke one last time.

"Now lets bury these bodies before this place becomes death tain..."

A reaver dikaive fell through his body, his Lunar resistance no match for the howling blade. As the only Lunar he had ever met fell in twain it revealed to Zehex the visage of a man clad in Soulsteel super heavy plate mail, weilding a soulsteel reaver diklaive, his long silver hair billowing in the night sky, his features regal and noble, his eye's reaking of oblivion. He spoke.

"Behold Chosen of Luna, I bring word from my master, her majesty, The Lover Clad in the Raiment of Tears. It is as such, we share two of the same enimies, and though you are chosen of life and I am chosen of death, we both seek the death of the Solar exalts, and the fall of the corrupt Realm, join me and your power shall only grow."

"And I am to believe this, you first tiding is killing the only ally I had!" Zehex shouted in a rage.

"Look at what this man had done, digging through your alies pockets like a starving child. I could not stand this pathetic wretches presence, besides in order to deliver my message I would have had to slay him, his mind would not have brooked my existace, and he could not have beaten me."

"Then I suppose an answer of no, means I die, therefore I've no choice but to accept, but mind you one day you will die and I will leave, what is your name corpse?"

"I am the Prince of Shadows, and you will fall long before me insect, but let us go to the Fortress of Crimson Ice."

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