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Books of Sorcery, volume 3: Oadenol's Codex

ISBN: 978-1-58846-695-2

Catalog Blurb

Oadenol’s Codex is the guide to the practical application of sorcerous knowledge in the Second Age. From the creation of artifacts to the raising of manses, and from the subtle workings of thaumaturgy to the various naturally occurring miracles of Creation, this third of Exalted’s Books of Sorcery offers aspiring geomancers, sorcerer-engineers, thaumaturges and preternaturalists the tools they need to ply their arcane trades.

This book includes:

• A plethora of ready-made artifacts, hearthstones, prodigies and manses for players’ characters to own or covet and Storytellers to weave into their series

• Rules for creating new and unique artifacts and manses

• Complete Second Edition thaumaturgy rules

160 page softcover