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Arts and Crafts in the Realm of Brass and Shadow

In Autochthonia, the radically different environment has produced a somewhat divergent approach to that spectrum of human endeavor represented by the Craft Ability than the one taken in the Creation we know and love (or hate, as the case may be). Those trained in Autochthonia may take six different forms of the Craft Ability, associated with the six different elements of that world. These are:

  • Crystal: The cultivation, harvesting, cutting, polishing, and sundry other forms of processing of crystalline substances. Certain forms of magitech or artifact construction dealing primarily with crystalline components or circuitry, or utilizing the magical material of adamant, are included in this permutation. Craft (Crystal) functions something like a cross between Craft (Wood) and Craft (Air).
  • Oil: Most forms of chemical processing. The distillation and refinement of the various forms of oil from Autochthon's internal seas is performed with Craft (Oil). Craft (Oil) functions in much the same way as Craft (Water), with certain exceptions as detailed below. In general, any alchemical formula not intended for human consumption but not intended for malign use is prepared with Craft (Oil).
  • Metal: The forging of metal. Functions as Craft (Fire), but of necessity encompasses nearly all of Craft (Earth)'s functions within Autochthon's industrial innards.
  • Steam: All manipulation of organic substances, such as the brewing or purification of nutrient slurries or the preparation of more complicated foodstuffs, as well as the purification and sanitization of other materials through the use of steam. It incorporates much of Craft (Genesis), shading in places towards Craft (Water), in particular the preparation of foods or edible alchemical formulae.
  • Lightning: Manipulation of primarily energy-based or immaterial components, as well as the creation of magitech devices. Craft (Lightning) takes the place of Craft (Magitech) for most purposes.
  • Smoke: Preparation of poisons, caustics, toxins, diseases or nanotechnology. Any substance that is inherently and solely harmful, having no other purpose, falls under the domain of Craft (Smoke), from neurotoxic liquids to corrosive pastes to carcinogenic gases.