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Campaign Home

Character Sheet

Name: Number Ten Camel son of Deepland Scorpion and Undersand Glass.
Sex: Male
Age: 17
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 180 lbs.
Caste: Dawn
Concept: Desert Nomad, Confused Exalt.
Nature: Survivor
Anima Banner: Scorpion
XP: 4/56

Appearance: Number Ten Camel is not a tall man. Years of crouching in 
sanddunes,and and riding the humps of camels have made his legs a little bowed.
Dark skin is tight and weathered about his lean form, and thick black lashes
protect his deep purple eyes. It is rare to see him without his hood up,
shadowing his face, hiding the rest of his head. His deep tones are usually 
mellow, and his slow laughter shows his smile is small and grim from his 
leathered skin, than from disapproval.
Attributes:           (Physical Mental Social)
Strength       3   Charisma            2  Perception           3
Dexterity      5   Manipulation        3  Intelligence         2
Stamina        3   Appearance          2  Wits                 4

Dawn:			Zenith:				Twilight:
Archery	3	Endurance	2		Craft		0
Brawl		3	Perfomance	2		Investigation	1
MA		0	Presence	1		Lore		2
Melee		5	Resistance	1		Medicine	1
Thrown		1	[F]Survival	3		[F]Occult	2
Night:	                Eclipse:
[F]Athletics	3	Bureaucracy	1
Awareness	1	Linguistics	2
Dodge		2	Socialize	2
Larceny	0	Sail		0
[F]Stealth	3	[F]Ride		4

Familar	3	[Mysterious Camel]
Resources	3	[Many gems, often strange colours from Wyld Taint]
Artifact 	4	[Fang of Southern Fury. Flame Spear as per CB:D]
Manse		4	[Fortress of the Shifting Sands with Soul Fire Gem ]

Flaw: Stunted Essence [+6BP] Starting Essence is 1. 

Compassion	2	Willpower:	5/6
Conviction	2 	Limit Break:	5/10
Temperance	3	
Valor		3	Virtue Flaw - Foolhardy Contempt

His time in the desert has made him brave, and discilpined, and his 
moral code ensures he treats others well, as in the desert to turn your back on 
the needy is a death sentence. he is, however, now totally adrift in life, 
lacking purpose or meaning.

Essence:		Health: Total Soak: 9L/10B (Base 1L / 3B +XRBreastplate)
Essence Score:	2	Lv-0	0/1
Personal	12/12	Lv-1	5/6
Peripheral	14/29	Lv-2	2/2
Committed 	7	Lv-4	1/1

Incap. 1/1

Charms: (12 total)

Wise Arrow : 1mote per dice. Supplemental.


Golden Essence Block : 1m/2dice. Sup. Excellent Strike : 1m/die. Sup Dipping Swallow Defense : 2motes. Parry one melee atk aware of, full pool. Ref.


Ox Bodyx2 - -1x2x2


Friendship with Animals Approach : 3motes. 1 scene. Simple. Hardship-surviving Mendicant Spirit : 5motes. 1day. Simple


Body Mending Meditation : 10motes. 1Day. Reflexive. Heal at 10x rate.


Graceful Crane Stance : 3motes. 1Scene. Reflexive.


Frugal Merchant Method : 1motes. Instant. Simple. Evaluate quality of


Master Horseman's Eye : 1mote. Instant. Simple. Evaluate Horse.

       Spirit-Steadying Assurances : 3motes. 1Scene. Simple. Mount is immune 
       to terror.

Anima Powers:
- 10motes to appear huge and terrifying. Valour rolls or -2 to strike 


Equipment: (Stats included in values)

Exceptional Breastplate = Sturdy but light armour for the desert.
Air Infused Exceptional Reinforced Breastplate = 8L/7B,0F,0M whilst the mote is commited
FireWand = Speed9, Acc9, Damage12L, Rate1/2 Range 10yards[No Further] Ammo1.
Bayonet = Speed9, Acc10, Damage 6L, Defence 9.
Lance = The perfect rider's weapon. Lance : Speed 19, Acc9, Damage 5L/10L, Def 6
Self Bow = Cheap mounted ranged weapon. Str3 Speed9, Acc8, Damage3+arrow [Usually 5 total], Rate2
Exceptional Cold Iron Slashing Sword = His 14th birthday present. It nevers pays to trust the Fair Folk too much. Speed 12, Acc11, Damage8, Defense11
Exceptional Fighting Gauntlet = For punching and blocking when suprised.
Speed9, Acc9(10M), Damage 5L, Defence 9(10M). Default Brawl.(_M)iswithMelee.
Fang of Southern Fury - Short 4/4/6/2,Spear 6/4/6/2,Lance 13/2/6[15]/1
Short Speed13, Acc13, Damage9, Defense11.Spear Speed15, Acc13, Damage9, Defense11
Lance Speed22, Acc11, Damage9[18], Defense10
XP: Gained 56.
Graceful Crane Stance    8
Melee IV                 5
Dipping Swallow Defense  8
Essence II               8
Ling II [Oldrealm]       2
Conviction2              3
Combo1 [GEB+DSD+ES]      4
Endurance2               2
Lore2                    2
Oxbody2                  8
Melee5                   7


  • #Southlands Intro 4: Camel is approached in the desert after facing some thugs. Soran offers him a direction.
  • #Southlands Session 1: Meeting Soran & the Circle face to face, he agrees to assist in a daring Realm prison break.
  • #Southlands Session 2: A fiery Dragon-Blooded is captured alive, but the resulting lightshow causes worse trouble!
  • #Southlands Lude 8: A glimpse at Camel's painful charm training; Plus, an unexpected gift, from a circlemate. A secret shared.
  • #Southlands Session 3: Lady Tanoi shows up, slaying Ciel and nearly Diamond in the process. Soran unleashes blazing power.
  • #Southlands Session 4: A ruined village holds the final, gruesome fate of Diamond, as Camel goes all out against the leperous child-knight, Hound.
  • #Southlands Session 5: A mysterious fortress hidden by sand and wind opens to Camel's touch. Camel shares his true past and name. Camel reclaims his old weapon and manse.

Prophecy from a player!

Be prepared to leave everything you thought about the world behind in your 
persuit of understanding. Luck is on your side.

Comments From his Fellows

Five Pillars Camel is a good kid. Trying to struggle with his own identity and understand his powers while keeping up with exalts twice his age and experience. A good kid, and has the potential to be a great exalt. Someday. it's the responsibility of the rest of us to make sure he makes it that far.

Silence: An able fighter and a worthy ally.