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Soul of Honour

By ArndisAsgeirsdattir

The character has no stomach for the cruel or dishonourable treatment of others: treachery is a blot on the traitor's soul, and if punishment or killing is necessary, it should be quick and clean. Inflicting pain or humiliation for its own sake is abhorrent to her. She feels intense guilt about episodes in her past when she did not fight against the violation of these principles. When her limit breaks, she will seek out the doer of these vile deeds and challenge him to combat. The point of the duel is to demonstrate dominance, so while the character will go all-out to gain victory, she will not deliberately kill the perpetrator. If the perpetrator survives, then the character will extract an oath from him that he will no longer commit such acts, or else his life is forfeit. If an Eclipse caste is available to seal the oath, the character will demand that it be sealed. If a sealed oath is broken by the perpetrator, he can avert the bad luck by informing the character of his lapse. This will force the character to seek him out and dispense justice, or suffer bad luck in turn. (Travel time for letters/people is an allowable delay, but deliberate lollygagging is not.) Even if the oath is not sealed, the character should return to mete out punishment, once she knows that the oath has been broken. Additionally, for the next Valor days, the character will have horrible nightmares about the times where others were treated cruelly or dishonourably and she could have fought against it, but did not. This preoccupation with her guilt will impose a -1 die pool penalty, on top of those from lack of sleep.

Limit Break Condition: Witnessing unacceptable (cruel or dishonourable) treatment of others, and not fighting against it.


By CrownedSun

The character’s will and courage flee her utterly, leaving behind a quivering mass driven only by the desire to survive. When the characters Limit Breaks, she immediately drops out of any combat or threatening situation and is very likely to flee or abandon any post if she feels in danger. If offered a chance to surrender, the character will take it unless absolutely convinced that she can get away and that she is better off doing so. She will usually not betray her companions or friends, but can be browbeaten into doing almost anything if she is caught and is especially susceptible to torture or even threats of torture. The character suffering from this Limit Break is unable to spend Willpower for any purpose except to oppose her Curse.

Limit Break Condition: The character is near death or defeat, or fails utterly at something of importance.

Hard-Headed Stubbornness

By CrownedSun

The character ceases to listen to the advice or opinions of others, willfully keeping only her own counsel. When the character’s Limit Breaks, she utterly ignores anyone not agreeing with her and will casually go about her own action even once others have already decided on an alternate course of action. If the character does get into an argument, she will not budge or alter her position. Even if proven wrong, the extent of her reaction will be an angry storming off. In the absence of any real decisions of import, the character will take it upon herself to be brutally unswerving about even the most minor issues – seemingly taking delight in starting arguments and annoyances for others. This episode will last a number of days equal to the characters Valor.

Limit Break Condition: Information comes to light that makes it obvious that the character is incorrect about something, or that his current actions are in the wrong.


By Ikselam

The character loses confidence in herself, and feels that other people are undervaluing her. When her limit breaks, the character becomes surly and antagonistic, wilfully provoking everyone she meets in an attempt to reclaim her self-esteem. This will always result in the character suffering at least a -2 penalty to all social rolls, as every conversation invariably degenerates into her picking a fight. She will constantly taunt and belittle others, maybe even hauling off and slugging them one if she feels like she's not making any headway (i.e., they don't rise to her baiting). Attempts to placate the character will provoke even more anger, as she will resent being "talked down to" or "treated like a child." Her antagonistic attitude is especially likely to be directed at other members of the character's Circle, as they're readily accessible and are also likely to be the people who make the character feel the most insecure in her powers. This limit break lasts for a number of days equal to Valor.

Trigger: The character suffers a drastic setback, or someone questions or belittles her prowess.

Reckless Endangerment

By Ikselam

The character is possessed with the desire to test the limits of his power, developing a subconscious death wish. When his limit breaks, he will become convinced that he is invincible, and will set out to empirically verify that fact, seeking the most insanely dangerous situations and opponents imaginable. Any challenge which does not leave the character in a coma or dead will only fuel his mad drive to discover an opponent or situation powerful enough to destroy him. The character will challenge powerful and deadly foes to single combat -- this will include his own friends and Circlemates if they have proven themselves particularly formidable. He will also engage in all kinds of suicidal stunts, such as free-climbing crumbling shale cliffs to outdistance pursuers, diving into erupting volcanoes to save sacrificial victims, or charging headfirst into Wyld zones after fleeing Fair Folk. This limit break lasts for a number of days equal to the character's Valor score.

Trigger: The character triumphs easily over a foe or obstacle (beating a single extra doesn't count; smashing a small army of them does).

Megalomaniac Ambition

By Ikselam

The character becomes convinced that anyone besides her is unfit to lead. She will attempt to undermine the authority of anyone who outranks her, arguing vociferously against any course of action that such an authority figure proposes. She will definitely disobey any direct orders she receives, and will also attempt to foment mutiny amongst her comrades. She may even go so far as to challenge a perceived "leader" to a duel, or even assassinate them outright, in order to seize command herself. This limit break lasts for a number of days equal to the character's Valor score.

Trigger: The character is ordered around, or suffers negative consequences as the result of a command decision made by someone else.

Insatiable Curiosity

By MetalFatigue

When the character's Limit Breaks, she becomes driven by a burning need to know everything about everything and everyone. For a number of days equal to her Valor, she will use the full powers at her disposal to investigate anything the slightest bit unusual, pry into other people's personal lives and search their belongings, and so forth. During this time, she has no sense of priorities, and will neglect any other tasks to indulge her curiosity. While she will take reasonable measures to protect herself in these pursuits (such as using Stealth Charms), no risk, no matter how great, will deter her from investigating anything that catches her attention. A new mystery, however, will readily divert her attention from whatever currently holds it. While the Limit Break lasts, the character receives a -2 penalty to all Mental and Social die pools due to distractibility and nosiness.

Limit Break Condition: The character is prevented from investigating a mystery or unusual circumstance.

Paralytic Chill

By Sariel

The flip side of courage is fear, and a character with this Virtue Flaw is particularly vulnerable to his own fear. For a number of days equal to his Valor, he loses confidence in himself and becomes acutely aware of his own mortality; he must make a Willpower roll at a difficulty equal to his Valor rating each round to remain in a combat situation, and is at a -2 dice penalty to deal with any other conflict. (Charms and other effects that enhance a person's confidence may remove the Willpower check or the penalty, but not both.)

Limit Break Condition: The character is made forcibly aware of her own mortality or vulnerability, particularly in a hitherto-ignored blind spot or a presumed specialty. (For example, the stereotypical Dawn might be triggered by being beaten in combat -- his theoretical specialty -- or by coming out the loser in a social encounter -- an ignored blind spot.)

The Self-Aggrandizing Sulk

By Shataina

The character is self-centered and narcissistic, and feels that she deserves an awful lot just for being as awesome as she is. In general, she takes what she wants and thinks that it's her due. If she is denied something, she may snap, in which case she will sulk for a number of weeks equal to her Valour or until the person that last caused her to gain Limit convinces her that he agrees to do everything she could ever possibly want, whichever comes first. While sulking, she will refuse to speak to anyone she does not respect; she may make elaborate and ridiculous demands (through proxies, of course) to soothe her pride; and she will not negotiate. She will refuse to do basically anything unless she believes it to be on her own terms, for the glorification and grandeur of herself (for example, she won't save a life because someone asks her to -- but she might save a life if she thinks it will make herself more famous, as long and only as long as she can convince herself it's not for anyone else's sake). She will insist on being served hand and foot if she can manage it and generally be in a bad temper the entire time.

Limit Break Condition: the character's desires are thwarted or she is deprived of something she wants by someone she perceives as lesser than herself.