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||Health Level||Mortal Time||Normal Time||With Charm*||Lunar Time***||Lunar Time 2****|| ||Any Bashing||12 hrs rest per level||3 hrs rest per level||18 mins rest per level||3 sec per level||3 sec for all level|| ||-0 L||1 day rest||6 hrs rest||36 mins rest||1 hr||3 sec|| ||-1 L||7 days rest||2 days rest||4 hrs 48 mins rest||1 hr||3 sec|| ||-2 L||14 days rest**||4 days rest||9 hrs 36 mins rest||1 hr||3 sec|| ||-4 L(incap)||28 days rest**||7 days rest||16 hrs 48 mins rest||1 hr||3 sec|| ||||||||||||Aggravated heals just like lethal but can't be healed magically.||

  • Charm being the solar charm "Body Mending Meditation" or the Abyssal charm that's exactly the same.
    • Cannot be healed without rest.
      • Lunar DBT gift Resiliancy of Nature
        • Lunar DBT gift Knitting Wounds or whatever it is.

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