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g_c_grabowski - 01/24/2004 21:52:17 -

> Shemjaza > Another problem I'm going to have is that the rolplayers I go to Cons with mostly hate Exalted. "That book looks so crap." "Hmm, looks dumb. It even has Limit Breaks." "I looked at that Abyssal book of yours, it was heartbreakingly bad." "Ew, Exalted, thats like the porn of roleplaying." Are just some of the very weird responses I get from my Horror/SciFi roleplaying friends.

If they're CoC / GURPS purist types, tell them Ken Hite just gave Sidereals the best supplement of the year in Out of the Box, said it redefines game development and possibly games as a whole, and he also gave Abyssals an also-ran; the only game to get two books into the list, I think. If they don't know who Ken Hite is, they are suckful and shallow and should not claim to be Sci-Fi and Horror gamers. =)

Geoffrey C. Grabowski\\ Exalted Developer, WWGS\\