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Mountain Folk Merits and Flaws


  1. Jack of All Trades (2 pt. Enlightened Only)
  2. Born to Rule (Enlightened Only)
  3. Alternative Divination (Enlightened Only-- I don't yet have a system in mind to handle the fact that you're skating on the edge of being a Chaos Seer, but I'll be thinking on it)
  4. Sterile (Unenlightened only-- 1 pt. indicates genderlessness)
  5. Past Lives (1 pt. only-- provides no benefit to operating First Age tech)
  6. Weak Willed (Unenlightened Only)
  7. Unskilled (Unnelightened only)
  8. Unbidden Oracle (Chaos Seers only)
  9. Greater Curse (reduces maximum Divergence)


  1. Selective Conception (pertinent to spawning Jade-blooded, but probably a waste of points)
  2. Large Size (possible for a WorkerThus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/Warrior who had undergone alchemical regimens to bulk them up)
  3. Special Sense (possible through the miracles of internal alchemy, but far more apt to be granted by artifacts)
  4. Mutation (This is actually the only way they might have mutations, and that's going to involve all sorts of freakish mad scientist stuff being done by Artisans with their alchemy. I find it far more likely they'll have creatures with mutations than mutate each other)
  5. True Love (They don't build these kind of emotional bonds often, though it's certainly possible)
  6. Innocuous (This creates problems, but it could also create stories, so I'm torn.)
  7. Priest (Enlightened only-- Autocthon isn't around to answer prayers and the Mountain Folk aren't apt to pray to many other beings as supplicants. This works better for a Chaos Seer who serves a 3rd Circle demon or something, but I could also see a diplomat who has pacts with a Gemlord. Hard to say.)
  8. Callous (Unenlightened only. This weakens Charms. Probably a bad idea.)
  9. Weak Essence (Enlightened only)


  1. Prodigy (like Solars, Abyssals and Lunars, they already have the limit of Favored Abilities)
  2. Terrestrial Bloodline (obviously)
  3. Small (pygmy dwarves are ridiculous)
  4. Pacifist (The Conclave won't tolerate this kind of bullshit.)
  5. Barbarian (The Jadeborn are too civilized for this.)


Can we get a source for this? I don't doubt it, but it's nice to be able to point and say "this is where it came from." - Raindoll