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> Mason451 > My Sidereal Martal Artist uses Violet Bier of Sorrows style, and his main weapon is a sword. For all my VBoS charms, the sword is unarmed. Pretty obvious. So, now lets say I learn Five Jade Fury, from Prismatic Arrangement of Creation. My sword not being unarmed for PAoC style doesn't work for said charm, as it only works with unarmed attacks, which for said style, my sword isn't.

Now, is my sword that is unarmed for my main style, still a MA weapon for other styles? IE, if I learned a PAoC charm that isn't restricted to unarmed attacks, is my sword still a viable weapon with said charms? I'd say yes as a Storyteller, but I'm not the storyteller here so I need a better arguement than "it makes sense to me" if my ST tries to restrict me from doing so. (that sounded twinky, it really wasn't meant to be)

rebeccaborgstrom - 12/30/2003 17:46:00

Sure. There aren't actually any Charms in PAoC or the other secret styles that make potentially-armed Martial Arts attacks, though---they're all either specifically unarmed (or infectious, which is specifically unarmed) *or* they have their own rules that make weapons irrelevant.

Charm Redirection potentially works with armed Martial Arts parries, though. If you're running a VBoS Charm that affects the parry, like Blade of the Battle Maiden, you could make that parry with a daiklave. (In real life, subtle aikido energy redirection is probably harder with a giant sword, but as Geoff has often noted, this is a kung fu movie.)