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On Fully Independent Actions, and Ways to Progress Combat w/o Resorting to Perfects

CMoSF introduces a new concept and terminology to the game: independent actions. Currently, there's only one Charm that does this, and they'll probably always be pretty rare at PC Essence levels. On the other hand, I took the time to define them outside the context of CMoSF so that they'd be available for the high-end Solar, Lunar, and Abyssal combat game.

I had specific instructions to do this kind of thing. I don't think it qualifies as breaking the rules, really. Expanding the tactical map in new directions is necessary when you start thinking about high-end Charms. The alternative is scene-length perfect defenses that Combo with Surprise Anticipation Method, the equivalent obscenity in attack Charms, and then your combat ability stops improving because you're perfect. :)

One of the logical directions to take the Essence 4-8 game was stuff that affected the use of Charms---such as Charm Redirection Technique and CMoSF. (I figure around Essence 8 this starts getting as sophisticated as the ordinary combat game at Essence 4---but that's up to Geoff. I won't know until I get the player's guide whether he went that way.) It's not the only direction; Citrine Poxes hints at another route, and I'm hoping to see others.

Just my philosophy; possibly the game will go another way entirely. The Fair Folk aren't really the place to explore this, so it's out of my hands for a while. :)