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The Diamond Age

Amidst the Age of Sorrows, the lights return... and create a time of adventure, a time of madness! A time of lights that shine with the clarity of diamonds, a time for those who will do anything for what shines like them, even get them out of another's hands! For many that period will be an age of Obsidian or Ice... but for those in the East, in that wild time, it is a Diamond Age!

Diamond Age is an adventurous game that mixes all splat types in Exalted. From Dragon-Blooded and Dragon Kings to Solars and Abyssals, anything and everything is game! The game will be episodic, and for the first few episodes the characters will not be a group - just a set of people who happen to be around the same things, at the same time(but it is encouraged that they become a group by themselves). The mood of the game is light, although dramatic and serious moments are assured to happen(I am STing this, after all).

For the adventure, it is encouraged that characters do not be too wealthy or tied up too heavily on any one place, and that any desires to take over some portion of Creation do not be immediate. Cultivate a Cult is a workable goal as long as it is something you can do and then leave alone. For Celestials, the Wyld Hunt will exist and be active, and a reason to lay low... however, it works like the militia in swashbuckling stories such as Zorro - it does not need to make the characters too paranoid, and when they show up, the characters may feel entitled to just use it for kung fu and daring escapes! It is something to watch out for and a dramatic restraint, and yet not something to fear too much, especially Out Of Character. One reason for this is that characters will not die easily. Being knocked past Incapacitated leaves your character badly off, and hard to recover, but only knocked out. To truly kill a character, a dramatic moment is required. Most characters knocked out will only be imprisioned or such.

It is also encouraged that characters be as unique as possible, creative and unusual! Strange custom Charms, Artifacts and Martial Arts, legends and unique visuals, anything and everything that brings a sense of flamboyant power to the table. Characters like Apple Mint, God-Blooded of the God of Drugs, perpetually high and able to create inhebriating smokescreen, possessing unspeakable things locked within their eyepatches, and such! Imagining a God-Blooded being and then an Exalted with a similar theme is a good way to get such visuals.

Lunars follow something akin to the Second Edition's version of the Silver Pack, but even more loose. Sidereals have their factions still, but they do not possess access to Heaven anymore; They work in Creation, through hideouts and secret meeting places, as it was imagined before the release of the Sidereal hardback. That makes their policing of each other to be less strict, and more actions to focus on how to untangle Fate, the Stars revealing to them the same informations as the Loom. Yu-Shan will be harder to walk in(save for the Carnival of Meeting), although the politics of little gods will remain there and easy to be touched on. Sidereals will still possess duties as protectors of reality, fixing errors in Fate, and policing the courts of little gods, upholding heavenly order. None of that has changed, only where they live, dwell, and their relation to the Stars.

Aside from that, it will follow the My House Rules

Character generation follows the following guidelines...

Use Sol Invictus
28 Charms
30 Abilities
10 Backgrounds
(Solar Artifact and Manse Backgrounds)
30 Bonus Points

Use Silver Masks
26 Charms
30 Abilities
13 Backgrounds
(Lunar Artifact and Manse Backgrounds, along with their unique ones)
30 Bonus Points

24 Charms
40 Abilities
20 Backgrounds
(Sidereal Artifact and Manse Backgrounds, no Celestial Manse or Salary)
12 Colleges
35 Bonus Points

All my fixes and charms, and many other Charms on the wiki allowed
35 Charms(It is assumed that Dragons will be more experienced or preternaturally talented)
40 Abilities
18 Backgrounds
(Dragon-Blooded Artifact and Manse Backgrounds)
30 Bonus Points

... all start with 6 dots to distribute among Virtues, and Essence 3.

Peanut Gallery

I know that I'll not be able to play in your game... not unless the schedule changes to one that I can make it to. But nonetheless, after chatting with you on ICQ, Dibra demanded that I stat her up. And here she is, Dibra. ~ haku