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Telgar's Lunars =

I don't like Lunars. Simple. I love them in concept, but their execution is horrendous. They're all Conan on Crack with bulging muscles and big swords and they love to slay anything not wearing dirty skins and plundering villages. And that, rather basically, sucks. Their Charm Trees are brambles, their Castes are il-arranged and in general they are just not well planned systematically. Their Storytelling Chapter is all about "Yes, your Lunars will all be the same. Focus on tiny details to help you remember who's who!". This is sad.

So! I present a few changes to help remove the massive dick from the collective arse of Lunar Exalted.

Canon Charms

I've split Lunar Charm Brambles down into managable trees. Each seperate list on the Charwiki is an individual tree, with the first bullet level indicating base charms and successive bullet levels indicating the flow of pre-reqs.

Yet Another Lunar Re-Write

In the Primordial War the Lunar Exalted served the Chosen of the Sun as secondaries and go-betweens acting as their sergeants and commanders in the field. While the Solars were the leaders of the Exalted they were too powerful, too heroic and too unique to be bothered with the tasks required to lead the massive army to victory. Some of the Dawn and Zenith were eager to command armies of the Dragon-Blooded or direct the secret actions of the Sidereals but many more were happier to work alone or with their fellow Solars, leaving the more practical Lunar Exalted to deal with the grit and dirt of the war.

When victory was achieved and the Solar Deliberative created there was peace through Creation but still the situation maintained itself. The Sidereals cloistered themselves in Heaven to deal with the spinning and maintenance of Fate. The Dragon-Blooded enforced the will of the Solars and defended the borders of the Realm staunchly. The Solars themselves sat upon the Blessed Isle and indulged themselves. They decided policy, gave inspiring speeches and left the working of things to the Lunar Exalted.