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= Fendoril, the heart of ice and spiders =
Fetich Demon of the Third Circle
Expressive Soul of the Ebon Dragon

Within every human is the capacity to die within, and Fendoril can then make that human's heart into ice. Fendoril loves to do so; he offers the cold comfort of mercilessness. The Heart of Ice and Spiders is without remorse.

Those who call on Fendoril find themselves inside a house. The house looks as though it would be comfortable, but it is not - it is always cold, fires cannot be lit, and in every corner, hidden spot, and cabinet there are thousands of tiny spiders. Those who sleep in the house find that spiders crawl inside their flesh.

The house is a single-room cottage, but one door does not seem to fit. If that door is unbarred and opened, the corpse of a dead loved one is found, with its heart missing, replaced by ice. This corpse disappears from wherever it was; it belongs to Fendoril forever. The soul is not taken, but the decaying flesh falls under the law of Fendoril from that point forward.

Fendoril speaks through these puppets, and only these puppets. Once he has a corpse, he can use it again with everyone. Fendoril dislikes those who were physically strong, emotionally balanced, or magically capable, and will avoid possessing those types of corpse if he afford it. Fendoril loves mediocrity and blandness and dissatisfaction.

Notes and abilities: Fendoril is a fetich and is stronger than a typical third circle demon. He can exist in creation and Malfeas at once.

Fendoril can cause ruinous winter to strike a land, at any time of year. He can acquire the bodies of the dead. He can freeze the hearts of those who suffer, eliminating doubt and sorrow, or turn cold hearts into true ice, a condition which is obviously fatal. He can possess and animate any corpse he has possessed in the past. He can befriend any spider, and teach it to be far more intelligent than an average human, remembering everything that spider has seen. He can create poisons that will slay men and gods. He can render someone incapable of being polite or socially acceptable until the next sunrise.


A while back I was playing a game that pitted the PCs against the Ebon Dragon. In this game, the Ebon Dragon's bride-to-be was the Lunar bride of a PC Solar king, so they were going to need to do a descent into the underworld to free her. The game kinda puttered out, but I wrote up an idea for the Ebon Dragon's fetich anyway. Fendoril is a third circle demon. -TedPro