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The Immaculate Dragons are just a circle of minor elementally aspected godlings who got a friendly Exalt to spoof the Department of the Immortal Register of Names, then pulled some strings to get themselves reassigned. Right now they live in fear that someone will discover their true identities and bring them up on charges of Impersonation of Celestial Dignitaries. Mela sometimes has to bitch-slap Sextes Jylis for calling her "Melanie." - Quendalon

I was under the impression that the Five Elemental Dragons (children of Gaia which are certainly real) were glorified by the Immaculate faith as the Five Immaculate Dragons? &Arafelis is giggling nonetheless

For some reason, I made some gods of getting wasted. Despite the fact that I never even come close to doing so. Ah well, it's still fun to make this stuff up. I might even make up descriptions for them later. - (Sparrowhawk)

Mmmm, drug gods. I've been playing around with a pair of gods in this vein, too -- I figure I might as well post their names and capsule descriptions, in preparation for a full stat-out and description. -- AntiVehicleRocket

Slowly adding Gods from Houses of the Bull God - Nikink

I wasn't sure which Bureau to add Uvanavu to, I figure that Health is an abstract matter. StalkerofShadows

Longinus Added for sake of referencing,and shamless advertising ;) - ArabianNinja

tCoCD:TheBlessedIsle has a full writeup on the Central War God, but also mentions the northern one as a crow-god named Voharun. Unfortunetly there's already a northern god listed here? It doesn't have a name next to it... but doesn't have a page cite either. Thoughts? -Vaegrim