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War March

The aim of this campaign is to focus on war. What if everyone started attacking everyone else at the same time?


Idly brushing sand from the carpet, the Betrayer of Ideals and Expectations waited impatiently. Looking around the dull bastion of Creation he had been shown to, was not improving his mood.

He stopped waiting and stormed past the guards into the inner recesses of the temple. He left them impaled on the claws of his minions. A maze of tunnels and corpses unworthy of his attenion later he found the one he sought. The demon looked down at him, annoyed. "All is in readiness, I demand my payment." his whisper echoed through the room. The demon unimpressed, pointed silently toward a chamber. Blood Apes floated out and formed up behind the Betrayer as he departed. It was a large chamber, the apes had not stopped exiting it by the time he finally stepped into his own world.

His majesty King Augustus, Lord of the Eastern Reaches, Grand Watchkeeper over the Seven Keys, Warlord and Ruler of the Kingdom of ... massaged his head. As subtly as he could he attempted to adjust his crown, the weight of it was most bothersome of late. Further darkening his mood were the emissaries of peace arrayed before him, so recently arrived from the Realm. "For what do we owe the pleasure of a personal visitation from the Realm's fine diplomats?"


Pausing here for now. - Talion

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