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Talavos, the Vengeful Dream

The dreams of those in Malfeas are fraught with wonder and horror, shifting and transmuting so rapidly that one can experience both perfect ecstasy, the like of which is unknown in the waking world, and pain so unimaginably intense that it could kill a mortal without leaving a mark on his body in the space of a second, or sometimes both at once. This is because all who fall asleep in the demon city come under the purview of Talavos, the vivid dream of every being in Malfeas, who continually rages against his imprisonment within the minds of his kin, subjecting them to violent, erratic visions rivalling those of the most powerful of the Fair Folk. Slumber is not taken lightly within the confines of Malfeas, for all who fall asleep are trapped within Talavos’ schizophrenic coils until he wills otherwise. (Paranoia833)

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  • He Who Exists For His Fate, Fetich Soul of Talavos (Paranoia833)
    Of the creatures who sleep in Malfeas, most merely dream of the violent cacophony of color, emotion and sensation that is Talavos. These are not real dreams, for they do not come from within the mind, but from the outside influence of the Vengeful Dream, those few sleepers who are deemed worthy of true dreams are visited by He Who Exists For His Fate, who appears to sleepers as a great black hole that eclipses Talavos’ kaleidoscope of colour, drawing the light into himself. He Who Exists For His Fate draws out the long forgotten memories of his subjects, and creates from them the dreams of those who came before the gods. He Who Exists is wild and unpredictable in temperament, much like his greater soul. He is also one of the precious few beings in Malfeas who seeks to awaken Sacheverell, by covertly poisoning his dreams, that they might cause a great fit sufficient to awaken He Who Knows the Shape of Things to Come.
    • Djoria, Reflective, the Chevalier Of Nightmares (Paranoia833)
      Astride her demonic mount, Djoria rides amidst the dreams of demons, lavishing fear and insecurity on all who dream of her. Despite her nature as a bringer of misery, Djoria truly loves all life, and longs for the day her duties will unnecessary. Because of this, she has great sympathy with the malfeans, and the cause of Oblivion. Recently, Djoria has taken to assuming form of a spectacularly beautiful Deathknight, with long white hair, a corpse-pale complexion and sad, violet eyes, clad in super heavy Soulsteel plate and riding a fire-breathing steed of black marble.