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house rules on abilities

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craft (war)

Doesn't exist.

Use Bureaucracy (for logistics), Investigation (for interpreting scouting reports and finding weaknesses), Lore (for knowledge of strategy and tactics), appropriate combat abilities (with mental traits, for evaluating troop strength and capabilities), Performance (for troop training), and Presence (for troop leading). Army-building can be accomplished in a myriad number of ways.

multiple craft types

You may gain one craft type per dot in Crafts. If you buy a specialty in a craft type, that does not count toward your number of crafts. An extra craft type is not automatically gained when a character gains a new dot of Crafts unless that character has been specifically studying the craft type. Instead, three weeks of training (as per a new ability) is required (though no xp need be spent), unless Crafts is a Caste or Favored ability.

Example: Josip, a heroic mortal, has Crafts 2 (Carpentry and Calligraphy). He trains with a master carpenter for three weeks, spends some xp, and buys a specialty in Carpentry. Since his Crafts 2 entitles him to two craft types and Carpentry is covered by a specialty, he may now train learn a new craft type without spending xp provided that he spends three weeks training at it.


mortal thaumaturgy for exalts

All Exalts gain the Knowledge background (from the Exalted Players Guide) at a level equal to two less than their levels in Occult. Without explicit ST permission to the contrary, the background points gained from this Knowledge can be spent only on Arts, Sciences, and Rituals.


number of specialties

A character can have more than three specialties per ability, but only three such specialties may be applied to any single die roll.

applicability of specialties

Only three specialties can apply to any single roll.

With Storyteller discretion, when appropriate, specialities can apply outside of thier governing ability. For instance, a character with a Melee Specialty in Maces might gain that bonus to a Percetion + Bureaucracy roll when evaluating a weaponsmith's stock of maces.

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Your section on specialties, do you mean more than three dots in specialties, or actual different specialties? Because if it is the latter, Dragon Bloodeds get a huge boost by that, since their die-adders are only restricted by Ability + Specialty, if a DB was able to get three 3-dot specialties to apply to one roll, and had a 5 in the ability then they could add up to 14 dice to a single roll, rather than the standard 8. Given that in the maximized situation a Solar is limited to 10, that seems off kilter. - SagaciousAscendingHero

I don't think that would work, because they arn't allowed to apply more than 3 specialties to any one roll, and you can only add dice equal to the applicable specialties, I would rule that to disallow adding the dice. - Blackedout
Right-o -szilard