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In the process of DissectingDefenseValue, which does a decent job of laying out what the Second Edition rules actually say, it became clear that what the rules governing defense value actually say is, in many ways, an incoherent mess, filled with outright contradictions and ambiguous language. Now that DV has been dissected, this page aims to assemble various ways it can be stitched back together into something coherent that is still largely canonical. What follows are links to what are technically house rules, but house rules that stick to canon when they can.

Some of the variations presented here may be used with others; some are mutually exclusive. If you want to add your own, add links here, then detail your change on separate pages. If you have a comment about a specific rule set, please make the comment in the page of that rule set, not on this page. If you use any of these variations, please indicate so by adding your name to the variations(s) that you use.

Minor Variations

Minor variations are tweaks to few general rules and a meant to be mixed and matched, though some are mutually exclusive.

Consistent Stunting Variation

The SuturedDefenseValue/ConsistentStunting variation is a minor change to resolve a blatant rules contradiction. It is used by:

Wound/Mobility Consistency Variation

The minor SuturedDefenseValue/WoundMobilityConsistency variation makes mobility penalties work the same way work as wound penalties do when modifying defense. It is used by:

Penalty Consistency Variation

The minorSuturedDefenseValue/PenaltyConsistency variation makes wound penalties and mobility penalties work the same way in all cases. It is used by:

Pacing Intent Variation

TheSuturedDefenseValue/PacingIntent variation restores some speed to a static defense system by eliminating all defensive rolling. It is used by:

Success Consistency Variation

TheSuturedDefenseValue/SuccessConsistency simplifies DV calculations by treating most DV modification like adding successes and, thus, ignoring dice caps. This is a fairly large change. It is used by:

Linguistic Normalization Variation

The SuturedDefenseValue/LinguisticNormalization variation takes the approach that charms that add "half" of some value to defense are intended to work as pool adders. It is used by:

Major Variations

Major variations are meant to act as complete systems, generally using some combination of minor variations above, and typically with a guiding strategy to resolve ambiguities.

Likely Canonical Variation

The SuturedDefenseValue/LikelyCanonical variation is the best guess at what the actual intent of the published rules are. It assumes that the theory given at the start of DissectingDefenseValue is reasonably close to the truth and that the "everything modifies DV directly" based rules are what should have survived final editing.

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Nicer-Math Speed-Hybrid Variation

The SuturedDefenseValue/NicerMathSpeedHybrid variation takes the Likely Canonical variation and eliminates some of its inconsistencies regarding penalties, virtues and stunts. At the same time, it speeds up the process by eliminating most of what little rolling remains.

No Pool Variation

The SuturedDefenseValue/NoPool variation seeks consistency by eliminating any mention of pools for defense, ignoring the mathematical underpinnings of DV and giving it rules of its own. It is in some ways a greater departure than the others, but also may be simpler. It differs from the Likely Canonical version by treating inapplicable defenses as trumping charms. It is used by:

  • your name here

Pool Consistency Variation

The SuturedDefenseValue/PoolConsistency variation sticks with what might have been the mathematical intent of the rules, treating everything as dice pool modification. It is used by:


Cool work going on here, I read through these and noticed a conspicuous lack of what I consider the best option; chucking static DV and rolling the damn dice. Would that houserule be a reasonable "Major Variation" within the context of this project? I ask because it feels less like suturing the Defense Value and more like amputating it. -Vaegrim

"Major Variation" sounds right to me. Go to town! - Wordman