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Stones of Paragon
Small pieces of white jade faceted into simple metal medallions on small chains.

...our capacity for empathy is the source of that most precious of all qualities, compassion.
Commitment:</i> 1
This charm increases compassion by 2 die but will not work with other paragon stones.

<i>A 'No' uttered from the deepest conviction is better than a 'Yes' merely uttered to please, or worse, to avoid trouble.

Commitment:</i> 1
This small charm increases its' wearers' conviction by 1 die, but does not work with other stones of Paragon.

<i>The virtue of temperance consists in the restraint and moderation of the natural appetites in accordance with the dictates of reason. Its’ subject matter, in particular, is those appetites that are strongest in man and are accompanied by the keenest sensations of pleasure. Such pleasures are the consequences of certain bodily activities, and the more natural the activity, that is, the more essential to the existence of the body, the stronger the pleasure. Therefore, the particular subject matter of temperance is food and drink and sex, or, as the Priests always called it, the pleasures of touch.

Commitment:</i> 1
Temperance stones increase ones' virtue of temperance by 1 dot. Does not work with other Paragon stones.

<i>Valor is stability, not of legs and arms, but of courage and the soul.

Commitment:</i> 1
This stone of Valor will increase that virtue by 1 die but cannot work with other Stone charms of this set.<br

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How come the stone of compassion boosts by 2, while the others boost just by 1? Just wanted to check if it was a typo or it's meant to be more powerful. FluffySquirrel

Yeah. Can't see any reason why it should be...
-- Darloth
Actually I think Compassion is one of the least valued virtues, but when a character wears the stone of Compassion it is just a powerful emotion that I think can lead to Sainthood, and spreading the legend of an Exalted character. Also not many people want a compassionate character, some see virtues as weakness, I see them as strengths. - Jarons20

Do you mean that "...none of these stones can be used with any of the others" rather than "...will not stack with any of the others"? The way that you wrote this, the only way to even approach a "stacking" situation is to wear more than one of the <i>same type of stone. Wearing just one of each isn't stacking, as each has an entirely different effect.
Also, do you mean, at the top, "medals" in the sense of medallions? Or did you really mean that the jade is carved into pieces of, for example, tin or iron, or perhaps one of the 5MM? The first interpretation makes more sense to my mind, given the way that you phrased the rest.
Otherwise, a very interesting concept. -Suzume