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Seiraryu: Temperance Charms =

Temper Form
Cost: 2 motes per +1L/+1B
Duration: One Scene
Type: Simple
Minimum Temperance: 3
Minimum Essence: 2
The spirit can call for his inner self-control to spill over into his material (or immaterial) form. For each 2 motes spent, the character gains +1 to both lethal and bashing soak. The spirit must spend at least 2 motes, and cannot just spend one to improve one type of soak. The spirit cannot spend more motes than his Temperance times 2. The added soak lasts for one scene.

Cost: 20, +5 per additional rule, 1 willpower
Duration: One year
Type: Simple
Minimum Temperance: 5
Minimum Essence: 4
The god with knowledge of this Charm has an excellent way of protecting and enforcing his rule inside his own abode by setting a number of specific rules that give him power over the acts of someone within the confines of their home.
The spirit may choose to place taboos on the place (usually their sanctum, although more powerful spirits can actually place these powerful rules upon Manses that they own) of their residence. These are rules that the spirit designates and that must be followed.
The spirit must first write down each of the rules he intends to enforce on a parchment that must be clearly visible to anyone wishing to enter the sanctum or Manse (and multiple parchments are necessary if there is more than one entrance to the place). The "parchement" need not be actual paper. It may be written in stone, or wood--as long it is prominent. It must be uncyphered and in a language the Spirit knows. Ignorance of the language by visitors or intruders does not nullify the Charm's effects. The taboos may be certain words that cannot be spoken, actions that cannot be taken or even beings that may not enter.
The spirit spends 20 motes of Essence and 1 Willpower point for the first rule, and an additional 5 motes of Essence for every additional rule he wishes to enforce, and then places the parchments at each entrance, hidden or otherwise, of his sanctum or Manse. Once this is done, for the duration of a year, these rules are the Law of the spirit's home, and only the spirit himself can break the taboo (and even that costs the spirit a point of Willpower and lasts only a scene).
The parchments can only be destroyed by magical means, or magically enhanced attacks. A parchment has (Spirit's Essence + Temperance) in Lethal soak and twice that in Bashing, and it treats Aggravated damage as Lethal. An intelligent spirit will put as one of her taboos that their parchments may not be touched or tampered with in any form, and so are able to condemn those that even attempt to affect the parchment; and even those that do manage to destroy it in one blow will still feel the repercussions of breaking the taboo at least once.
The Essence spent to activate this Charm is not committed, except for a small charge of 1 mote per additional parchment that the spirit has in his abode beyond the first (i.e. number of parchments minus 1).
The effects of breaking a taboo are generally up to the Storyteller, but things such as being struck by elemental attacks, becoming mute for a determined amount of time or even being cursed with something related to the taboo are all common. Beings with a higher Essence than the lawmaker can break such laws and taboos without repercussions for a scene by spending a point of Willpower and making a Willpower roll against a difficulty equal to the spirit's Essence.


This is the coolest Spirt charm I have ever seen. Keeps those pesky PC's from gaking every spirit they come across. - Issaru

Not the reason I designed it for, but hey! Whatever works for you! I'm extatic at knowing it's the best you've ever seen..! - Seiraryu

Yay! This is really cool. Consider it stolen. However, I can see some need of clarifications. My suggestion, one rule can only concern one matter. Also, some examples of rules would be really nice: 1. No visitor may break the parchment 2. Visitors are prohibited to attack any of the sentient inhabitants. 3. Visitors must be silent when so required by the instigator of the Taboo. - Clebo

Yeah, I'm going to have to add a link to an example once I finish the spirit NPC that uses it. - Seiraryu

Hmm... Makes an interesting explanation for Grandmother Bright's ability. Kinda strong for an Ess 4 Spirit charm, but I like it in general. - Vaegrim

Strong? Hmm...I don't know... - Seiraryu