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  • Essence flows. Those who attempt to dodge, parry or soak its blows with magic face a challenge. Effects which would block the blows or ignore the damage ...ed to be Outside Fate for as long as they are attuned to the tainted axe's magic. They can spend a Willpower to temporarily put themselves inside Fate witho
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  • the earth barely stirred beneath her huge weight -- these were her last words ..." ...that the entire audience must lean forward, barely breathing, to catch her words ...</i> "... and one of her vast scarlet talons, so threatening once, reac
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  • ...tely any solid. They attend to the welfare of Txil Mahuatztli, carving his words into their flesh, informing the other souls of their lord's will, polishing '''Title''': the Air Illumed By Dreams Of Words<br>
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  • ...He will lead an unmarried man to any thing that he desires, but by Basim's magic, that thing will be lost to him if he ever finds love. Badr Basim appears === The Book of Sweet Words ===
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  • ...ese reviews is to help people decide whether to buy these books. In other words, try to write things that say, for example, "I like this book because ..." Magic books.
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  • ...n the method we agreed upon and subdue him, signalling us via Wind-Carried Words when the job is done, or i <br>20:57 <Scarlet_Snow> (...does anyone have Wind-Carried Words?)
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  • .... Not as much of a linguist as Kasumi, so she should know a smattering of words from the Celtic languages and Japanese, but she does read Ancient Mayan and ...vilization that was using magic sun crystals to power flying pyramids with magic lasers to defend earth from evil monsters from beyond time and space, becam
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  • D: I am a thief of men’s words, Jason. I am a taker of dreams, devourer of passions, creator of wars the ...d both the Isle and the Threshold felt the wrath of the Dragon-Blooded’s magic. Seeing that their time had finally come, the Deathlords swung into action
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  • ...ans can do, Solars have to use sunlight magic to do it. And Solar Sunlight Magic is fairly limited. - [[Telgar]], you need to bite the bullet and realize that by Essence 8, that "Sun magic" you speak of is pretty dang useful, and with all the power you've got, pre
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  • ...alled dwellings. A brightly-colored gemstone rests in his hand, heavy with magic, and he knows it was born in the heart of the ziggurat. This place is his h than a man is tall, is inlaid with jade and starmetal, spelling out the words of a poem he composed for his lover. Although he is working from her design
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  • his DB powers to prevent a riot? J is stunned by item's appearance. Has words with D after crowd disperses. D references J's less-than-glorious past (we ...hinking very visually lately, and it's hurting my ability to describe with words.
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  • ...r home is still with her, no matter how she wishes to leave it behind. The words 'I want you to be mine' mean something much different to her than they do t ...oing that a husband and wife do? What harm would it do her to just say the words? Why does she still hide half her face from him, when there is no other par
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  • ...she didn't think she could have sewn an entire robe in a night, even with magic -- which she wasn't foolish enough to use in front of a complete stranger, "There's no need. He was at peace, and I was with him. His last words were beautiful. It is not a painful memory for me." The look of melancholy
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  • might be drawn from her preceding words, "when someone attacked us with magic. Kestrel managed to defeat him, but... my house burned down." ...eshened up and fed." He clapped; black-clad maidservants appeared as if by magic. "Sparrow and Thistle will show you to the guest rooms."
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  • the capability (read, the sorcery charm) for the corresponding level of magic. In addition, any restrictions on the use of those charms is waived, so tha ...lly better after a playtest. But I'm mainly tweaking for 1st edition, with words on my opinions of 2nd. I've most certainly tested first, and twilight was b
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  • ...k at the newcomers... well, they had been warned somewhat of weirdos using magic powers by their comrades. The guys who ran point to them. "Them, boss! They Whisper attempts to draw a mess of stick-farmers, and writes the words 'NO KILL' in big letters on the paper, showing it to the bandits.
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  • talented in more physical pursuits where mine lean towards history and magic. With no real knowledge of the outside world, other than the word of the ou ...e, he's visited by a strange figure. He opened his mouth to speak, yet, no words came out. He couldn't say anything. All he had time to do was stare with wi
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  • wonder whether to break Essence pools into an Essence pool for Essence magic and a Chi pool for kungfu; I'll mess around with that idea a little to see ...e purchasable as a skill, like Craft is now- specific per style. In other words, it would become a glorified form of specialization. The Form-Type Charm f
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  • ...inion expressed in such a venomous tone on a subject that you, in your own words, <b>claim to know nothing</b> about. --dg ...did it. I'm trying to point out here that this Charm doesn't casually swat magic away, the way that people behave like it does; it's got a very difficult ro
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  • aside, and attempted to slip past her now vulnerable defenses. But her magic guided her blade again and again to swat aside his attacks. Then he presse ...With a delighted sneer, shadow gathered around his blade, and he struck. Magic coursed down his hidden blade as an impossible amount of power exploded tow
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  • ...e in their wearisome voices, and so lulling their charges to sleep. Their words dissolve those whom they press into slumber, transforming the sleepers into ...m the wisdom of Echthros, he looked to his father and spoke The Truth. His words were not recorded, or perhaps they were, but the Rip in the World-Cloth has
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  • *Emerald counter magic *Silent words of dreams and nightmare
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  • ...n capabilities, without using charms. I do not believe that charms are the magic bullet for design flaws in the mundane parts of the rules. *Some words for the "extra-damage" coming to mind: deadlyness, damage progression/poten
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  • ...n awkward meeting. The temple promptly collapsed as great works of Shadow magic warped and wrecked what was Lorm, the capital city of the kingdom of Kainjh <B>Sophia:</B> A few thousand words of background history? Pshaw. He'd rather just whip out Penile Compensati
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  • * (47) Majestic(ST): After some tussling and nasty words, they agreed to work with him to help him uncover a plot against the city o * Waits in Darkness: "Two conditions: no showing off your anima banner and no magic weapons."
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  • ...e, the Mask of Winters still had an impossible gravity. Even surrounded by magic and artefacts of city-crushing power as he was, the mere presence of Bo Dak ...h. Rarely used lungs cracked and pumped, and he shaped the exhalation into words. "I have served for ten years," he whispered. "Now I go to take my vengeanc
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  • "Nine is a very... righteous man," Kestrel said, choosing her words carefully, "and he has his own views of how the celestial order is supposed "I have... a salary." Kestrel knew that Falcon's magic could detect her lies.
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  • Automatically opens mundane locks, add ess in succs to roll against magic locks. (Combo) Change shit around. Cannot be seen mundanely, magic can v. Manip + Larc + 4
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  • **Corrupted Words - [[Books/SavantAndSorcerer|Savant and Sorcerer ]], p. 103 **Silent Words of Dreams and Nightmares - [[Books/SavantAndSorcerer|Savant and Sorcerer ]]
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  • ...ence with them that I once held." Reynard paused again, carefully choosing words. "There are a few who are benign, but they are forced into opposition by th .... But it's well hidden; I only pick up traces when the spy uses his or her magic. I haven't gotten any in days, but there is someone here who is secretly a
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  • ...ous Avatars, servants of the gods, draw their power from Essence. As their magic increases, they often increase their Essence to match., manifesting as perfect reflexes, sudden insights, and perfectly chosen words. It clearly marks the user as a user of Essence.
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  • ...s herself and her target into a trance, searching her target for traces of magic and alterations from it. This ritual affects a single being, object, or loc ...Perception + Awareness against the Manipulation + Larceny of any Charm or magic-concealed character to see through it, provided the Power of the ritual is
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  • Crafts: Craftsman Needs No Tools, Perfection of the Craftsman*, Magic is As Mundane* <br> Linguistics: Sagacious Reading of Intent, Letter-Within-A-Letter, Twisted Words Technique, Poetic Expression Style, Unbreakable Fascination Method <br>
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  • ...Dynastic households. In particular, her father pushed her down the path of magic at a very young age, and even in primary school she was learning the value (Spirit Mirror Technique?), Wind-Carried Words Technique
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  • The key understanding of the Subtle Knife is that magic need not be as obvious to passersby as usual. By spending a moment of conce The words of power that shape a spell are valuable, but can be replaced with simple c
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  • It is all well and good to learn the vastness that is magic, but without specific spells, a sorcerer’s power is useless. Fortunately, Sorcerers accept that there are five Circles of magic, each more powerful and devastating than the last. Each Circle has a name a
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  • enemies pick their poison, setting groups against each other and using Words of Power as its form weapon. Yes, it's pretty weird. Thanks everyone who *Here's my new attempt at an unholy combination of Exalted and Magic The Gathering cards. [[GC3/MagicCards]]
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  • ...subtly monitor her personal actions automatically fail without the use of magic. Attempts to shadow or tail her are at –2 dice. This knack provides no de ...a way with words. Whether it’s the written word, or the oral tradition, words flow from you in the most poetic and impressive way imaginable.\\
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  • ''Watched as he said the first words that would bring him his first Charms. '' ''Watched as those words came out as insane profanities.''
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  • ...rozen, by some evil magic, he is able to speak, both normally and the dark words of necromancy. His paralyzed face also grants him a 2 die soak against atta
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  • ...on or object. The answer to the question can contain no more than a dozen words, and can only cover the history or current state of the object or person - that is hidden is revealed to the character's gaze unless concealed by magic. (This reduces the time to search a scene to a miscellaneous combat action
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  • ...Solar at his sword-tip chooses to spare his life, that's mercy. In other words, unless your Circle is in the habit of forcing you into positions where you you tell if he's doing it slightly more often just because he has this magic coin?.. Plus, why is it that this incredibly merciless assassin somehow doe
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  • ...sence pool, her ability to use and learn Charms, her resistance to certain magic powers, and all other things Essence is used for. However, she also becomes .... These voices are often upsetting, but also informative; listening to the words, and letting them guide her actions, allows its bearer to draw upon the anc
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  • ...n activate its power by stroking it possessively and whispering flattering words to it. For the remainder of the scene, anyone who gets a clear look at the ...l not fast enough to outrun Serge. Choam can't go any faster without using magic, since he is already at his maximum sprinting speed. He activates Lightning
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  • ...ming instincts granted by the stone make it easy for him to play off their words. ...the fever breaks. Multiple uses are not cumulative. The fever is caused by magic, not an actual disease, and is thus unaffected by medicines or powers that
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  • ...Whenever her skin becomes wet, it is cleansed and perfumed by the stone's magic. This power will even activate if the character sweats profusely. While in liquid form, the character can only be detected by magic capable of discerning intangible indicators of life, such as the presence o
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  • ...central South. Its name comes from its peculiar defense mechanism: when a magic word is spoken in the correct spot, the entire city sinks beneath the sand, The Pharaoh is the only being who knows the magic words which can make the city rise and sink. Typically, it stays underground exce
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  • Mou-Shendu: "The wards on it were, it seems, far stronger than the intruder magic, last night". Mou-Shendu: "And much magic went into the creation of this doorway"
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  • ...orner wends his way through the crowds. People part before him almost like magic, though it's probably the stench. He takes up position a good forty feet fr ...lock and begins his patter, a swift, clear, and above all enticing flow of words punctuated by gestures and expressions all designed to arouse the avarice o
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  • ...and looks more than a bit surprised as you hustle up the gangplank. A few words of explanation to the boat's master clear up the situation, though. Apparen Captain Kaizoku . o O ( LOL! Truer words were never spoken. )
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