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Golden-Ink Inscription</B>
 <B>Cost:  4m
 Duration:  One Scene
 Type:  Supplemental / Reflexive
 Minimum Linguistics: 5
 Minimum Essence:  2
 Prerequisite Charms:  Flawless Brush Discipline

Transcending the need for writing materials, this charm allows the Lawgiver to write on virtually any surface in a flawless and pure golden ink, brushed with only intent and the character's own Essence. Extremely durable, all aspects of the ink, such as color, thickness, and reflectivity are subject to the heavenly author's whims. As this writing does not require actual writing utensils, nor even actually tracing out the desired characters, this ink can be useful for large-scale projects, such as writing characters over 12 feet tall onto the side of the Imperial Manse quickly enough to minimize detection. The character still writes at their normal rate of characters per minute, merely allowing these characters to be placed on virtually any surface at virtually any size. Not just useful for transcribing quickly onto stone tablets, or in large scale installations such as banners, the ink is extremely well-suited to carrying other magical effects. When used in concert with any charm or effect that causes mental influence, this charm adds the author's (Essence) in dice to any rolls to cause the effect, and any expenditure of willpower to resist the effect is not automatically successful. Instead, for the expenditure of temporary willpower to have any effect, the target of the mental effect must succeed at a roll of their (temporary Willpower) versus a difficulty of 1. If the roll is successful, the target receives all benefits of the willpower expenditure. If unsuccessful, the target has still spent the temporary willpower, but gains no benefit from the expenditure.

Brilliant Flashing Insight Method</B>
 <B>Cost: 1m + 1m per ever-increasing size of documents
 Duration:  Instant
 Type:  Reflexive
 Minimum Linguistics: 3
 Minimum Essence:  2
 Prerequisite Charms:  Whirling Brush Method

While the ability to write quickly is helpful to some, there are those who need to use the powers of language for other purposes - some of which may not lend themselves to even 12 minutes spent writing. In those situations, a quick turn of phrase, an inspiring speech, and a well-thought out question can make all the difference. At the time this charm is activated, the character gets a flash of insight, giving them just the right choice of words to use at that moment to best carry their intent to any listeners or readers. For situations where a few sentences are insufficient, the character can expend additional motes of essence to gain greater visions of perfection, with each additional mote increasing the number of words granted them by one logical 'step'. An extra mote might grant a paragraph, while two extra motes a single page. Advancing to three additional motes might go to a chapter, while one mote beyond that a short book, and so on and so forth. Therefore, with a great expenditure of essence, a Solar is capable of nearly instantly realizing, word for word, the contents of a great speech or document, such as a Constitution. This charm therefore eliminates penalties for lack of preparation, and automatically converts a number of dice on related rolls equal to the Solar's (Linguistics) to automatic successes. In addition, documents or speeches prepared using this technique can be extremly compelling, increasing the number of temporary willpower required to resist any influence they cause by one, ignoring the normal 'two points per scene' limit. Note that this charm provides only the knowledge to write a piece, but it does not allow it to be instantly transcribed at the speed of thought. For the latter purpose, the Lawgiver would generally turn to the prerequisite charm, Whirling Brush Method.

Eloquent Words of Choice Technique</B>
 <B>Cost:  4m
 Duration:  One Scene
 Type:  Reflexive
 Minimum Linguistics: 5  
 Minimum Essence:  2
 Prerequisite Charms:  Letter-Within-A-Letter Technique

An extension of Letter-Within-A-Letter Technique, this charm allows not only the Lawgiver's writings to contain hidden meanings, but also his speech. While the Solar remains aware of his true intended speech or meaning, this charm allows the Solar to easily mask this meaning with an affectation, secondary meaning, or other verbal trickery. To an supernaturally skilled listener (such as one using Discerning Savant's Eye or similar charms), the Lawgiver's meaning will be as clear as day, but to others, the character speaks of different things, strange koans and riddles, or other non-traditional modes of speech. This allows the character to not only appear far more wise, mystical, or even deceitful than he is, but also allow the Solar to mask social attacks behind a veil of misdirection. If this concealed message contains natural or unnatural mental influence, the Solar may treat this influence as an attempted surprise attack, adding their (Linguistics) as automatic successes to the roll to take the target by surprise. In addition, as this charm gives the character supernatural prowess of word choice, it explicitly allows the character to speak half or partial truths, while not revealing the true meaning of their statement. This allows them to bypass 'truth detecting' charms or sorceries, as everything they say is the truth - just not necessarily an accurate or complete representation of the truth. This charm explicitly opposes charms such as Judge's Ear Technique", granting the Solar's (Essence) in automatic successes to the opposed roll.

Heavenly Argument Preparation</B>
 <B>Cost:  --- (6m, 1WP)
 Duration:  ---  (Instant)
 Type:  Permanent (Supplemental)
 Minimum Linguistics: 5  
 Minimum Essence:  3
 Prerequisite Charms: Twisted Words Technique

A permanent upgrade to the character's Twisted Words Technique, the character can now influence others through not only their writings, but the sequence of words alone. Thus, rather than requiring the reading of a text, the influence can also be conveyed through oration or conversation (in which case, the charm can now be comboed with other appropriate charms outside the Linguistics tree, such as Irresistable Salesman Spirit). In addition, the character's experience with Twisted Words Technique improves the power of that charm, as the influence can be targeted to a certain person or group of people, and can be exploited far more often. Rather than accumulating a 3-point bonus to their MDV if Twisted Words Technique has been used against a given target this story, the bonus to MDV is only recieved if Twisted Words Technique was used for a similar purpose this season or story (whichever is shorter), allowing the character to both compel a shopkeeper to sell goods at reduced prices, as well as to reconsider his religious leanings. If the words used by the Lawgiver are repeated verbatim by another (either by speech or transcription), the effect is also conveyed, albeit at a lesser power. In such a situation, for each repeating or retelling, the total successes on the Solar's (Manipulation + Ability) roll is reduced by 2.


So few people post Linguistics charms that I just had to give them some love... -- GreenLantern

Golden Ink Inscription: This is a brilliant charm. It's like Glorious Solar Saber for the socially inclined. It brings to mind millions of ways to prove that the pen is mightier than the sword, especially when both are set free by essence.

Brilliant Flashing Insight Method: Just to be clear, this charm provides the knowledge to write a piece, it does not allow it to be instantly transcribed at the speed of thought?

Eloquent Words of Choice Technique: Stealthy social attacks. I love it. A perfectly logical extension of social combat.

Heavenly Arguement Preparation: I do so love pumping up existing charms. One of these days I'll get around to playing an Eclipse who will use this. Twisted Words was already one of my favorite social charms, if not my most favorite.

Overall, I can't help but approve, since as you say there are so few Linguistics charms posted. - IanPrice, who also has some he made up a while ago over at SolarLinguistics/IanPrice.