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MetalFatigue's SolarEndurance House Rules

Tenacious Vital Spark Prana (original, indirectly inspired by some of Darloth's Medicine house rules)

Cost: 1 Willpower
Duration: One day
Type: Reflexive
Min. Endurance: 1
Min. Essence: 3
Prereqs: Ox-Body Technique, Body-Mending Meditation

Many of the Sun's Chosen cling to life with vigor exceptional even for the Exalted. A character may invoke this Charm only when she has been reduced to below the Incapacitated health level by any form of damage. Upon doing so, she falls into a comatose state, in which her heart beats only once per hour, and she need not eat, drink or breathe. To ascertain by non-magical means that she remains alive requires close examination and a Perception + Medicine roll at difficulty 3. While in this trance, the Exalted does not lose further health levels unless wounded again; blood loss and the effects of any disease or poison are suspended until the Charm expires, and the Exalted cannot die unless an enemy deliberately inflicts the coup de grâce. This is a perfect effect. A character under the effects of this Charm is completely unaware of any stimulus and does not regain Essence through respiration.


It also effectively has Min. Medicine of one. --Toram

That is absolutely true, but irrelevant to the charm data block. --MF

Plus, if it -explicitly- had that, it would cost more to put into a combo. Not that I'd expect it to be in a combo, really... But hey. Longer to train too.
-- Darloth

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