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Solar Craft Charms

by CorlanDashiva

Battle Blessing</b>

<b>Cost: 4 motes
Duration: One scene
Type: Simple
Min. Craft: 3
Min. Essence: 2
Prereqs: Object-Strengthening Touch

With this charm the Craftsman brings some of his knowledge of materials and crafting to alter a weapon (making it faster, stronger, sharper) or suit of armour (making it tougher and stronger). If altering a weapon, he receives a number of dots equal to his crafts rating to spread among the weapons speed, accuracy, damage and defense (and rate and range for a ranged weapon - each dot is worth 50 yards for a bow and 10 yards for a thrown weapon). The Solar can increase any one rating by no more than his or her essence. If altering armour, the Solar receives a number of points equal to his craft rating. Each point spent will increase bashing soak by 1. For 2 points, the mobility or fatigue penalty can be reduced by 1 or the Lethal soak can be increased by 1. No single category can have more points spent on it than the Solar's Essence. This charm cannot be applied to a single item more than once.

Tool Breaking Technique</b>

<b>Cost: 3 motes, 1 Willpower
Duration: Instant
Type: Simple
Min. Craft: 4
Min. Essence: 2
Prereqs: Shattering Grasp

This charm supplements an attack made by the Solar, which is normally aimed at the target's weapon or armour, but can be used against any other tool. The charm can be conveyed through any form of close attack (you can use a sword to deliver it, but not a bow). The attack is at difficulty 3 versus a wielded weapon and difficulty 2 against armour, against other tools the ST should assign a difficulty based on how tough it is to hit the object. If the attack succeeds and the object is non magical then it is broken. If the object is magical then the Solar must roll his Strength + Crafts against a difficulty of 4. If the roll succeeds then the item is broken. Broken items can offer no further help for the current combat but can be repaired by any reasonably competent craftsman.

I like Battle Blessing, although I'd make it a Simple, rather than Reflexive Charm, to better demonstrate that the Solar is doing /something/ to the weapon in question to make it better. Also, allow them to improve Armor in the same way- 1 point per dot of Bashing or reduction of Mobility or Fatigue, Lethal can't rise above 0 and Mobility and Fatigue can't be reduced by more than the Exalt's Essence (helping to preserve the usefulness of the Endurance Armor charms).

Tool Breaking Technique is more... ehne. Shattering mundane weapons, sure. Shattering magical weapons and armor so relatively easily is more questionable... by a lot.

Consider that a Primordial's attack will instantly shatter a mundane weapon, but will leave an item of the Five Magical Materials unharmed.

At the least, I'd make it more like '3 successes per dot of Artifact, the target may also dodge or parry to reduce the successes as against a normal attack'. Very difficult to achieve, but possible against a vastly inferior opponent.

Also, traditionally, you should list motes first and then willpower costs. - DariusSolluman

The Charm 'Weapon-Breaking Defense Technique' from Earth Dragon Style allows the breaking of 5MM weapons with a Strength + MA roll at difficulty 5, and costs 5 motes and 1 Willpower. That's a MA 3, Essence 3 charm, so maybe up the prereqs and the cost a little, but I don't see why TBT should need 3 successes per dot of artifact. - Garden

... Fair enough!  :) As far as canon Charms go, this is probably fine as is.

Although, personally, I wouldn't allow it or WBDT in my games. So nah. ;) - DariusSolluman

Altered Battle Blessing to be simple and to apply to armour as well, although not as effectively as to weapons. Clarified that Tool Breaking Technique can be delivered by a melee attack. Made Tool Breaking Technique into a Simple charm - CorlanDashiva