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Solar Brawl Charms by CrownedSun

My Body, My Weapon

 Cost: 3 motes, 1 willpower
 Duration: One scene
 Type: Reflexive
 Minimum Brawl: 4
 Minimum Essence: 2
 Prerequisite Charms: Fists of Iron Technique

The Solar Exalt using this charm empowers his body with essence, becoming a faster and more deadly machine of hand-to-hand combat. Every part of his body is a weapon, and he can use them all with casual effort for the rest of the scene. When first purchased, the character can construct for himself two hand-to-hand combat maneuvers that he can utilize whenever this charm is active. You can purchase this charm more than once if you wish, gaining an additional two maneuvers per purchase. In addition, this charm lets you parry barehanded without a stunt for the rest of the scene.

Each of the two maneuvers that the character receives from this charm is constructed with a number of points equal to twice your Brawl rating. These points are specifically divided between the manuevers Speed, Accuracy, Damage, and Defense. Each has a Rate of 3, which can also be increased independently. These manuevers can do either lethal or bashing damage if you choose; if they inflict bashing damage, the manuevers final damage rating is equal to (your Essence Rating + the points assigned to Damage)B. You can gain additional points by lowering the Speed, Accuracy, Defense or Rate of the attack, gaining 1 point for -1 Accuracy/Defense/Rate or -3 Speed. This can lower Accuracy or Defense to a minimum of -2, Rate to 1, and Speed to -6. You cannot take more than 4 points of penalties to a given manuever. If you increase your Brawl score in play you get 2 extra points to apply to your manuevers.

An Example distribution, which can be used as a default if desired (assumes Brawl 4, Essence 2):
Essence Punch: Speed +2, Acc +2, Damage +6B, Defense +1, Rate 2
Essence Kick: Speed +0, Acc +2, Damage +7L, Defense -1, Rate 3

Ripping Steel Fist

 Cost: 3 motes
 Duration: Instant
 Type: Supplemental
 Minimum Brawl: 4
 Minimum Essence: 2
 Prerequisite Charms: Fists of Iron Technique

A solar's hands become as hard as diamonds with this charm is invoked, able to punch easily through the strongest materials without worry or struggle. The target's damage is considered piercing, halving the targets armor-based soak. After a battle in which this charm was used, any armor that was pierced typically needs some maintenance to remain fully functional. This charm must be activated before the attack roll.

Effortless Hold

 Cost: 4 motes
 Duration: Until broken
 Type: Simple
 Minimum Brawl: 3
 Minimum Essence: 1
 Prerequisite Charms: None

This charm allows the Solar to idly grab an opponent with a free hand, and begin a clinch. While this requires his action on the round the clinch is initiated, once it's begun the Solar can continue the rest of the combat without paying more than casual attention to his 'captive'. He may make brawl or melee attacks on other targets, move around (dragging his captive with him), or otherwise engage in whatever actions he finds necessary in the situation. Simply make all the clinch rolls as normal, but these do not consume the Solar's turn or cause him difficulty at all -- except that he suffers the -6 initiative penality for clinching, regardless of his other action.

This charm prevents any actions that would require two hands, though it enables you to use that remaining hand quite impressively. In addition, while it's possible to attack the Clinched victim in some way while using this charm, that victim is not defenseless. He may use any reflexive Defensive charms he might have access to, even if he would normally be unable to do so.


I like the idea of Brawl as a customizable weapon. -MeiRen