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Strength of Sun's First Light

 Level: 5
 What is it? Orichalcum Grand Daiklave
 Commitment: 10m

Strength of Sun's First Light is a mighty weapon. Nearly 8 feet long and half a foot wide at it's base, it tapers to a diamond point, with a Single Hearthstone Setting in the middle of it's Sunburst crossguard. It appears to be an idealized ray of sunlight caught and cast in Orichalcum. Honed to an incredibly keen edge and heavily ensorceled it possesses many abilities.

First and formost the weapon ignores half of the armor soak of any whom it strikes.

Any who are struck by the blade or attempt to block it's passage are thrown aside by the titanic strength contained within. On a successful hit, or if parried, the blade hurls the opponent Str. x 10 yards. In addition the opponent must make a Strength + Melee Roll at difficulty 5 to retain hold of his weapon.

The weilder of Strength of Sun's First Light may call upon the power wihin the blade and transform it into it's true form for one strike. In the Age of Wonders this weapon truly was forged from the first light to shine in creation and as such it is manifestly a perfect weapon. For 5 motes the blade becomes purely Essence and can only be defended against by Perfect Effects. If it is not Perfectly Defended then it strikes true, ignoring all Armor Soak, dealing it's base damage plus the Exalts Strength and nothing else.

As a further minor power the weapon may be held Elsewhere and Summoned back freely.


||Speed||Accuracy||Damage||Defense||Rate|| ||+10||+6||+15P||+6||5||


Still trying to refine the balance on this sucker. ~ SolVachel