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The Stars

SignsOfConjunction/Pendo - The Lion Key (CrownedSun)\\ SignsOfConjunction/Han - The First Son of Conjunction (Olof)\\ SignsOfConjunction/Sasha - The Hope of the Skies (Telgar)\\ SignsOfConjunction/TheMartyredSaviorOfBrokenHearts - The Bearer of the Mask (Ashande)\\ SignsOfConjunction/DeathwishConsumedByHatred - The Lover Key (Haren)

Major Players

SignsOfConjunction/TheFiveBloods - The Wan Xian familial jurisdiction\\ SignsOfConjunction/TheEmeraldOji - The Emperor of the Pacific Empire\\ SignsOfConjunction/RussianSpaceBattery - A group of hyperscience innovators\\ SignsOfConjunction/SevenGoldenLions - Premiere Denizen of Detroit\\ SignsOfConjunction/Siash - A Heavenly Renegade