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New Sidereal Charms

Destiny-Manipulating Charms of the Sidereals, officials of the Celestial Beuracracy

Charms by House


(Courtesy of GCG)

Prismatic Arrangement of Creation Form (TAO)</b>

<b>Cost: 10 motes, 1 Willpower
Duration: One scene
Type: Simple
Minimum Martial Arts: 5
Minimum Essence: 5
Prerequisite Charms: Four Magical Materials Form, Soul Fire Shaper Form, Games of Divinity Form, Demesne and Manse Form

The Elder Sutra of Essence: The last maiden’s name was TAO. These were their names, but they knew them not.

As she assumes this Form, the character vanishes into the flows of Essence around her. For a long moment, she is nowhere and everywhere, embodied in the dance of all things. Then, she manifests again, in every movement consummately aware of everything around her, reacting to intentions before they are formed, actions before they are taken and to the battle as a whole as easily as to a single blow.

This Charm doubles the character’s base initiative (Dexterity + Wits). Charms such as Opportune Shot and Thunderclap Rush Attack do not automatically win initiative over her. The Exalt is aware of every attack against her and is immune to sensory penalties — this is a perfect effect. She can sense every effect, object and creature within (her Essence x 10) yards. Noticing something hidden requires a reflexive Perception + Awareness roll, adding the Sidereal’s Essence in automatic successes.

While using the Prismatic Arrangement of Creation Form, the character can also invoke any or all of its subsidiary Forms, paying the normal Essence cost. As long as the Prismatic Arrangement of Creation Form is active, the Four Magical Materials Form, Soul Fire Shaper Form, Games of Divinity Form and Demesne and Manse Form can coexist with it and with one another. The character can also invoke other Form-type Charms, but this limits her to a total of two other Forms. For example, she could invoke Prismatic Arrangement of Creation Form followed by either Earth Dragon Form and Games of Divinity Form, Tiger Form and Ebon Shadow Form or Snake Form and Charcoal March of Spiders Form. The Prismatic Arrangement of Creation Form is transcendent and embraces other Forms as lesser parts of itself.

While this Form is active, the character may have access to unexpected weaponry. Any weapon treated as an unarmed attack by a style whose Form-type Charm she has active is treated as an unarmed attack for the purpose of all Martial Arts Charms. This is a specific benefit of the Prismatic Arrangement of Creation Form and not a general rule. For example, Tiger Form allows the use of tiger claws as unarmed attacks. If she has both Prismatic Arrangement of Creation Form and Tiger Form active, the Sidereal can use tiger claws to inflict the Water Spider Bite — whether or not she also has Charcoal March of Spiders Form active. This effect does not extend to armor.

The Prismatic Arrangement of Creation Form is complete and perfect in every respect, but to perform it correctly requires a deep understanding of the other styles that it subsumes. Sidereal masters estimate that a complete understanding of roughly 40 styles would allow an essentially accurate adoption of this Form, possibly increasing the power of this Charm.

(Courtesy of RSB)

Salt into Ash Sleight</b>

<b>Cost: 2 motes + 2 motes per target number reduction
Duration: One scene
Type: Simple
Minimum Sail: 2
Minimum Essence: 1
Prerequisite Charms: None

Clapping her hands, the character limns an elemental or spirit of water or the sea in a fiery yellow aura. Mercury calls that creature to journey. Its reasons to visit another place, where important unfinished business awaits it, press increasingly upon its mind. Simply by using the Charm, the Exalt proves and guarantees that such business already exists in some distant place. If necessary, the creature becomes aware of it. The creature must make a Willpower roll not to set forth immediately. For the duration of the scene, Mercury's call reduces the target number for any character's attempts to drive the creature away, physically or socially. This benefit applies to both attack and damage rolls.