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My Entries in the Nexus Project

If you haven't checked out the NexusProject already, you really should. It's a highly-interwoven attempt to flesh out Nexus by making up individual things within the city.

Entries, in Order of Writing

Celebrants' Circle: A mysterious group of unknown, but definitely spiritual, purpose.

Lady Frost: Speculation and rumours about Ishira (Amakari).

  • original citation: not applicable

Heavenly Transport Company: A company that provides citywide, airborne public transportation.

  • original citation: not applicable

Tower Barracks: A boarding house run by a courtly old widower.

Kshaha Library: One of the two public libraries in Nexus (the nonfiction one), with many random magical effects.

  • original citation: not applicable

Bethrel: Impossibly gorgeous mortal prostitute, whose body is not her own in more ways than one.