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The Cerulean Fellowship

Primordial War

At the end of the Primordial War, a small fellowship of the Chosen of Serenity bound themselves together with an oath against the Primordials. Not one of them survived the War, but the analysts of the First Age believe that the war would not have been won without them. No further information about this Fellowship survives to the Second Age.

Second Age

From the documents of the All Seeing Eye

Secrecy Level Iselsi Scarlet -- Need To Know Only

On the face of things the Cerulean Fellowship is just another social grouping of Dynasts. They recruit on the basis that there is a new Anathama roaming creation, and hence a need to increase awareness of it, but most of their initiates appear to be involved for the social kudos. They appear to have about 400 members.

We have however been able to get a few assets involved in their second level of initiation, and here they begin to show their true colours. Second Level initiates are trained in spells and charms that, it is claimed, are particularly effaciaous against the dead and the servants of death. They also know of the existance of a third level of initiation. Second level initiates are arranged on a strict cell basis, with three second level members, and one third level member, to a cell. As a result of this we have been unable to estimate the number of second level intitiates.

Strangely all initiates appear to be Air aspected, thus most are from house Ledaal or house Tepet. There are few Outcastes involved, but we have noticed a recent upsurge in recruiting in the Threshold, so this is likely to change in the near future.

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