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The Kindred Comments Archive

Amusing - I like the concept, and it does seem to fit. I would boost the Longevity Merit up to 3 pts, as it is more powerful than the standard one; it also has the effect of leaving the Merit and Flaw points perfectly balanced, which means that as Inheritance drops, you can just shave off bits from each side. - FrivYeti

Yeah. Those numbers are actually just for reference (so I don't have to go around looking through the PG every other minute while modifying these guys. I'll probably boost Logevity for Inheritance 5 vamps to 3. I'm glad you liked these guys, always nice to get some compliments. ~ Seiraryu

Nice work. These guys are much more sophisticated than my horde of rampaging orcs. I'm also a sucker for metatextuality, so the nods to V:tM are much appreciated. Will you base the clans on those from Masquerade? And will they be mechanically differentiated? --Stanoje

I always liked V:tM, so I thought it'd be nice to pull from there. I doubt that the clans will be based on those of Masquerade, though each may have certain nods to some clans (probably in the form of "usually, this clan's members learn [arcanoi cascade]." Also, if you're not adverse to the idea, I thought of a way to connect the Kindred to the Blood Locusts. But that's only if you're interested. ~ Seiraryu
Maybe give them "clan arcanoi" which lower the XP cost for learning certain powers, like favored abilities? Also, go ahead with the connecting. I'm waiting to see what you've come up with. - Stanoje
I don't want to go with lowering XP costs because no God-Blooded get that type of thing... but I'll think about it, since they already go beyond God-Blooded as it is. As for the connection, it's pretty simple: the Blood Locusts could be one of Sovereign Draped in the Shroud of Fratricide's early attempts, vampires not filtered through Necromancy and Abyssals. Thus, they would have the same origins as the Kindred, and maybe be used as muscle by their more sophisticated cousins. ~ Seiraryu
That sounds cool. Go ahead if you want to add something to that effect on my page, too. - Stanoje
Awesome, that's cool of you. I'll try not to tread on the Locusts too much (though they're concise enough so that I don't really think it'll be a problem). ~ Seiraryu
As there are 5 clans, I suspect pulling them from Redemption might be slightly better. Making up new clans entirely seems to be the best option though. I'm liking the whole thing though, it's just a shame there can't be more generations. Dropping Inheritance slower and also modifying freebie points for each generation should give that effect. Unless you only wanted 5 generations of course. ~ Someone should sign this...
You mean Requiem, right? Redemption's the computer game based on Masquerade. As to the generations: I can't speak to Seiraryu's intentions, but 5 is the magic number in Exalted, so it fits right into the cosmology. --Stanoje
Yeah. Five is awesome. I'll see how I can arrange everything. ~ Seiraryu

As a note, I did a similiar thing a while back, with Abyssal Medecine Charms- you might want to look into modifying some of them, to allow Kindred to evolve up to addictive, ghoul creating blood. -- DS

Cool! Thanks, I'll look through them. Do you like the way I worked in vampires, btw? ~ Seiraryu
Looks nifty :) May I suggest the following for the Clan Weaknesses getting worked in?
The Devils (fashioned in the shape of the Terrestrial Exalted) are the courtiers and lesser ranks of the Underworld; they are wild impulses born in the burning blood; each must choose a Lure associated with either Compassion or Valor (from E:tFF). When confronted with the Lure, they must spend 2 Willpower to avoid engaging it. Many Devils learn the Fertile Soul Endowment, raising half-living servants that move freely through the brilliant world of Creation.
The Monsters (fashioned in the shape of the Abyssal Exalted) are the terrors of the Underworld. Shaped after the servants of the Void, Monsters are most often great powers of their own right, while remaining the servants to greater powers still, that direct their anger and villianous prowess outward. When making any 'friendly' Social roll, Monsters are treated as having the full Monsterous flaw, although it need not be physically manifest.
The Shadows (fashioned in the shape of the Sidereal Exalted) are the prophets of the Underworld; but where the seers of Creation look to the sky, the Shadows search beneath, hunting through the darkness for hints of the dark future that awaits all. Touched by the ultimate chill blackness, they cannot abide the cleansing fire; molded after starshapers, they cannot abide the light of the Incarna. They suffer from twice the normal Sunseared penelty, and treat any fire as if it were one intensity higher.
The Beasts (fashioned in the shape of the Lunar Exalted) are the hunters of the Underworld. Some run with packs of barghets or darker things; some swim in the ebon oceans. Fashioned after the half-animal Lunars, they are both protean in nature, showing a faculty with charms that shift their form to advantage- but find their higher selves drowned in animalistic instinct. When undertaking any 'civilized' action (such as most ettiquette or book learning rolls), Beasts make the roll as an Extra.
The Lords (fashioned in the shape of the Solar Exalted) were always unstable, and the Curse has done nothing to aid his sanity. Whenever a Lord botches a Virtue check, they gain a Virtue Flaw (as from the Solar Core). The first time they gain a Virtue Flaw, they also gain a Limit Track, and suffer from fits of madness similiar to Solars.
I don't... huh? "Of the Underworld" is what really throws me off. The Kindred live in Creation, though some do in Shadowlands, and a few societies may live in the Underworld. But mostly, they live in Creation, 'cause they need blood of the living to survive. Plus, they're all made by Abyssals. If... if I give them clan flaws, they'll all be based on Abyssal stuff. Thanks for the suggestions though. ~ Seiraryu

Somori, I'm assuming deleting half the page was a mistake. It was certainly odd, and presumably not what you had intended?
-- Darloth

Wha-ha-ha-ha-hat?! Deleting half the page? Who? What? Where? Whyyyyyyyyyy?! ~ Seiraryu