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The Back Burner.

These are just some ideas that I've been toying with. Feel free to borrow them, and fold spindle and mutilate. I don't have them in concrete form yet, and I might like what you do better.  :P

  1. Abyssal Dual Wielding Style. Because hey, they just don't have enough Melee charms. Well, okay, maybe they do. But the sheer cool value of this is immense.
  2. Amethyst Web of Entanglement Style (Sidereal MA) - Starting out with with clinches, and then into more esoteric bindings and burdens.
  3. The Prophet of Black Miracles (A Repentant Deathlord)


I really like the Amethyst web idea. It has a sort of a grab you and hold you art at first, followed by attaching ill-Fate and misfortune to you sort of feel in my head. - Paincake

I second the motion of awesome. - Han'ya
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