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In the first age of creation, many kingdoms sent agents out carrying special instructions or important letters. On occasion these letters would become lost, or the rain would make the ink run. So, upon one of these incidents, a Sorcerer came up with an idea on to prevent further miscommunication. He created a specialized table for which documents could be written. It was crafted out of the finest jade, starmetal and wood. The qualities of these tables were almost unparallel. The legs of the desk were in the fashion of sprinters, made of pure black jade, set in a running stance while the top had a reservoir for the ink and a special holder for paper. The top is made of a red oak wood with a map of the planets laid out in starmetal.


The first step to using this wonderful artifact is picking up the pen. The author must commit 3 Essence while holding the pen. While writing a letter to someone, the author must picture the destination person visually in his head. Then as he writes the letter he commits another mote of Essence. After the letter is signed, the letter folds itself and disappears. It reappears minutes later on the person’s desk or near the destination person it was destined to.

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