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I used to go by Griffon, but due to the switch over from the Exalted Compendium to the new Exalted Redux, I've changed my wiki page to suit my new user name. (that.. and SAH sounds so much better than just Griffon.) You can also find me on the Forums as CrackedMan_SAH

HouseRules - My house rules and collected errata for my Ex2 games.

RulesVariant - A set of rules for an extremely simplified Exalted.

CharacterSheets - My sheets, edited from PBMonkey's sheets, and hosted by the magnanimous Mr. Gone. Though ironically I've been primarily using Lookshy's sheets these days, but I'll leave these up for anyone who likes them.

CampaignNotes - I'll get to this.. I swear... =V_V=

SagaciousAscendingHero/FirstEditionStuff - anything I've done for first edition stuff.