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Charms developed for Exalted in Space. --Darzoni

Alchemical Charms

General Charms

Transitory Augmentation of <Attribute>

Cost: Varies; Installation Cost: 1m; Mins: <Attribute>2, Essence 1; Type: Reflexive
Keywords: Array-OK
Duration: Instant.
Prerequisite Charms: None.

This charm is actually nine different charms, one for each Attribute. Together, these form the foundation for the magic of the Alchemical Exalted. When this charm is first purchased, you must choose one of the submodules for this charm as the Excellency Protocol already installed in it. The other two can be purchased at the same cost as a Charm, not a Submodule. Additionally, there is no refitting required to buy these submodules, only training time equivalent to the time that would have been spent in the Vats for refitting.

First Excellency Protocol- Essence Overwhelming: The Alchemical augments his natural capabilities with Essence. This submodule may be invoked when making a roll based on the relevant Attribute. This submodule then adds one die per mote spent. This can also be used to enhanced unrolled uses of the relevant Attribute and static values based on the Attribute. When doing so, roll one die for each mote spent on the First Excellency Protocol. Each success increases her effective Attribute rating for the task by two. Therefore, each success on the First Excellency roll increases an applicable static value by one. The number of dice purchased cannot exceed the governing Attribute.

Second Excellency Protocol- Essence Triumphant: The Alchemical ordains success according to the Great Maker's Design. This submodule may be invoked when making a roll based on the relevant Attribute. The Alchemical then spends up to the relevant Attribute in motes. This submodule adds one success to a roll for every two motes spent. Each success purchased with Essence Triumphant counts as purchasing two dice with the First Excellency Protocol or some other dice adder. This can also be used to enhance static values derived from the relevant Attribute. Every two motes spent increases the appropriate static value by one. This submodule cannot be comboed with the Third Excellency Protocol.

Third Excellency Protocol- Essence Resurgent: The Alchemical Exalted corrects his potential misstep. This submodule can be invoked after making a roll based on the relevant Attribute, costing 4m. Then the Alchemical is allowed to make the roll again, using the new result if preferred. You may use this submodule to increase static values by half the relevant Attribute's rating. This submodule cannot be comboed with the Second Excellency Protocol.

Might and Mobility Charms

Airborne Transformation Prana

Cost: 5m, 1wp; Installation Cost: 3m; Mins: Stamina 2, Essence 2; Type: Simple (Speed 5, DV -2)
Keywords: Array-Simple, Obvious
Duration: Indefinite
Prerequisite Charms: Strain-Resistant Chassis Modification

Taking the form of extensive modifications made of magical materials and obvious mechanical devices, this Charm allows the Alchemical Exalt to transform into a flying vehicle. The Alchemical pays the activation cost for this charm, taking five seconds to transform into the vehicle. All possessions of the Alchemical are stowed away Elsewhere. The alchemical is now in transport form until he pays the mote cost to revert back to his normal form.

His speed per tick becomes (Dexterity + Athletics) x 3 yards. Double this speed for the miles per hour he can cover. Any manuevering required is done with Dexterity + Athletics. The Exalt cannot make parry attempts in this form, he can only use his Dodge DV. He may use all Charms normally except for those involving his normal set of limbs (extra limbs granted by charms function normally). He cannot perform any action requiring manual dexterity while in transport form except for those granted by Charms. The Alchemical Exalt has a hardness equal to his Essence / 2 in this form.

Essence 1-3 Alchemicals may not contain any cargo other than what is granted them by purchased submodules. Essence 4 and 5 Alchemicals may carry Essence x 2 people or equivalent cargo. Essence 6 and 7 Alchemicals can carry Essence x 4 people or equivalent cargo. Essence 8+ Alchemicals don't bother with this Charm and use a much more powerful municipal version of it if they desire mobility.

Although some of the sub-modules replicate the function of existing Charms, they pale in comparison to the actual charms. Most Alchemicals don't bother with the submodules that replicate existing Charms: the full power of the Charm's magic is a more efficient means of obtaining the same thing. All of these submodules can only be activated when the Alchemical is in transport form, and some of them note that they increase the mote cost of transforming.

Cargo Module: This adds 1 mote to the cost of transformation, but allows the Alchemical's transport form to carry the equivalent of two people in cargo. You may purchase this submodule multiple times without a limit.
Defense Cannon: Taking the form of a very small Essence Pulse Cannon, this submodule allows the Exalt to make Dexterity + Archery attacks. It has the following stats: Accuracy +0, Speed 4, Damage +0B, Rate (Stamina), Range (Essence x 5). Each shot costs 1 mote to fire. Unlike an Essence Pulse Cannon, a Defense Cannon relies primarly on the wielder's accuracy, and is a rather inferior weapon.
Essence Shielding: As a reflexive action, the Exalt can throw up a weak Essence Shield, paying 3 motes to gain a +3B/+2L armor soak until her DV next refreshes.
Grapple Arms: This module allows the Exalt to use his normal arms in transport mode. He may wield his hand-held weapons normally, parry normally, and perform tasks which require the use of hands and arms.
Recycling System: An Alchemical is a good short-range transport, but they aren't capable of long-range transport normally. This system fixes the problem of air and waste recycling, providing such things indefinitely, but other charms are needed for an Alchemical to function as a true long-range transport. This sub module adds 1 mote to the cost of transformation. Requires Essence 3.

This charm is designed to have synergistic effects with other charms while it is installed. Interceptor Spark Emitter's second mode is changed so that the Exalted may move up to half his speed while in transport mode. Hundredfold Strafint Methodology allows the Exalted to move half his speed BEFORE activation while in transport mode. Aegis Integration System allows the Exalted to recieve the benefits of any artifact armor he has attuned and integrated with that charm while in transport mode. The hourly cost for powering the Plasma Thruster Assembly in transport mode is reduced by the Alchemical's Essence.

There are rarer variants of this charm that change the Exalt into a ground vehicle, a seafaring vehicle and a submarine vehicle. Of the three variants, the submarine version is more common because Alchemicals use it to travel through the Great Maker's veins and the Pole of Oil. These variants are purchased and installed seperately.

Designer's Notes: The submodules are deliberately weakened versions of existing charms to encourage people to buy the Charms proper instead of getting them for "cheaper" through submodules for this charm. Why would you bother with an EPC if you can get the same thing without an installation cost?.

Artifact Integration Protocol

Cost: 5m, 1wp; Installation Cost: 0m; Mins: Stamina 3, Essence 1; Type: Simple
Keywords: Obvious, Array-Simple
Duration: Five minutes.
Prerequisite Charms: Aegis Integration System

An upgrade of the Aegis Integration System that allows the Alchemical to integrate artifacts into her body. It takes five minutes for the Alchemical's body to probe and fully integrate the artifact into her body.This has several benefits as well as drawbacks. It was developed by Alchemicals who had little personal essence to spare and could not visit the Vats on a regular basis while on patrol in the Void, as an alternative to spending resources on making the artifacts themselves integrateable.

The primary benefit of an Alchemical integrating an artifact into her body is the reduced attunement cost. The attunement cost is halved (items of the wrong material would thus cost what the normal attunement would be). Secondly, the item is repaired and maintained automatically by the Alchemical's systems, much like her charms. Artifact weapons can be 'sheathed' and unsheathed as a reflexive action, making them disappear back into the body or re-appear in the Alchemical's hands as necessary.

The drawback is that the Exalt must commit essence, reducing the amount she has availible to install or power charms. If peripheral essence is used, then the artifact will glow according to the Anima Banner descriptions at a level appropriate the the number of peripheral motes committed to it. Personal essence does not have this drawback. If the Alchemical is disarmed of a weapon integrated in this way, she takes unsoakable lethal damage equal to the Artifact's rating as it is ripped from her body. Any integrated artifacts are destroyed if the Alchemical is destroyed.

2nd Edition Alchemical Charm Notes

Accelerated Response System: The first version applies to Parry DV, the second applies to the Dodge DV. In both cases, they elminate the onslaught penalty to the appropriate DV for a single attack. The Parry DV version also ignores a weapon's rate.

Dynamic Reaction Enhancement System: Can only be activated to supplement a Join Battle action. Grants +2 to Join Battle for every mote spent, to a maximum bonus of Dexterity x 2.

Celerity Enabling Module

First Mode: This grants a magical flurry, with a number of extra actions equal to the Alchemical's Essence. The DV Penalty is equal to the highest DV penalty of all actions made in the flurry.
Second Mode: The Alchemical's DV cannot be reduced by onslaught penalties from a single designated target.

Limb Extension Armatures: Gives punch and kick attacks a range as specified by the charm. Speed bonus becomes Accuracy and Defense bonus.

Multi-Limb Frame: In addition to the benefits noted in the charm description, this charm adds 1 rate to Punch and Kick attacks per installation.

Hyperdexterous Tentacle Apparatus: This essentially grants a magical attack (More details later).

Aim-Calibrating Sensors: This charm does not reduce internal penalties for ranged attacks.

Paramagnetic Tether Beam: Speed 4, DV -1 for the disarming use.

Essence Pulse Cannon: Readying the cannon is Speed 4, -0 DV. Firing the cannon is Speed 4, DV -1.

Guidance Ray: Adds 1 to the underlying pool for the DV of the target. Recalculate accordingly.
Precision Beam: The EPC attack gains the Piercing Tag.
Siege Devastator: Speed 6, -3 DV to prepare. Firing is Speed 6. Attack gains the Overwhelming tag, with the minimum damage per shot being the raw damage divided by 4 or the Exalt's essence, whichever is lower.

Interceptor Spark Emitter: In the either mode, it grants the user the ability to parry ranged attacks with a Parry DV calculated with the following formula: (Dexterity + Archery + Essence)/2. The first mode only grants this special defense against one attack the Exalt is aware of.

The second mode is a speed 6 miscellaneous action with special DV modifiers. For the purposes of hand-to-hand attacks, the Exalt counts as a stationary object. In return, the Exalt may attempt to parry all expected ranged attacks until he can next act.

Pulseweb Entanglement Burst: Essentially this is a ranged clinch attack. Speed 4.

Repeating Pneumatic Bow: Speed 5 to fire.

Subluminous Onslaught Missile: Speed 6, Piercing, Overwhelming (Min Damage = Raw damage/5 or Essence, whichever is lower).

Hundredfold Strafing Methodology: This charm needs serious overhaul to fit 2e. Speed 6.

Transmodal Rapid Targeting System: The Speed and DV penalty only applies once (for making the initial attack). Each attack after the first uses the same attack pool as the first attack.


Hundredfold Strafing Methodology: This charm needs serious overhaul to fit 2e. Speed 6.

Actually, there is allready a 2e charm that costs 8m 1w , and sprays projectiles all over the place. Arrow Storm Technique from the 2e core. Given that Hundredfold Strafing Methodology is 4 deep in the charm tree, and Arrow Storm Technique is 3 deep, having it create it's own ammunition as per the alchemicals book is reasonable.