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It was born as a crazy idea in a vote between the Planescape regulars and the DM as to what we should play. I suggested Exalted In Space as a joke idea... but it was voted for overall. This will be its horrifying nesting ground of sorts.




This space for rent. Or use by people with actual comments. Whichever. -Rynel

To me, the biggest as-yet-defined aspect of this setting is the space travel. It's easy enough to assume that the different cities of Exalted are all just different planets - that's not a big deal. The bigger deal is how space travel works. If it's 10+ years between planets, that changes things heavily. Similarly, if there's instantaneous communication, but finite-time travel, that changes politics. If space travel requires essence-users to power the ships, that explains a big reason how DB's stay in charge - there's got to be one as the Captain or Pilot of any trade, travel, or military operation. As a thematic note, Terrestrials are the Exalted of the Planets, while Celestials are the Chosen of the Stars (save in the Lunars case, but they're weird anyway). Thus, there's some high likelihood that Sidereals and Solars are much better suited to space travel than Terrestrials. Perhaps Terrestrials even have some link to the planet of their birth? Expanded Celestial anima abilities allow you to orient yourself in space for 1m. If there really are stars in the sky, would this mean that it's physically possible to visit the Sun? What about Mars? Is the space around Mars (the star!) always in constant struggling turmoil, as if an emerging galaxy? What about Venus? A binary system, perhaps? And the Saturn gets a nice decaying star? All just ideas, and questions that need to be answered. -- GreenLantern

Have you seen Transcendent? I forgot who wrote it but it was really cool, and also set in space. You could possibly purloin some stuff from there.
-- Darloth

Gneh! - I have a copy, but whoever wrote it (and there's an awful lot of it, and it's great, with fiction snippets too!) seems to have neglected to put their name on it anywhere! *sigh*. I suppose that's one of my bad habits too...
-- Darloth

Aha! It was Kasumi. Finally. Anyway, there you go. There's rules for all sorts of space-based things that might prove useful. As well as an entire setting, but hey. It can't really be called exalted anymore, but it's a really nice piece of work regardless/maybe because of that. Sadly, the link is broken :(
-- Darloth

We've determined that Essence-users would need to pilot voidships to get around. That is, commit essence or use a hearthstone. Its possible to get an artifact engine (that one of my players designed; I'll put it up soon) and use that to move it along too... but its an artifact. I might go with something like gate travel to hop long distances, the gates having been built in the First Age and just never really needed upkeep. The Houses will regulate travel, tax people, etcetera... and I hope one of my players has Larceny for forgery or they'll be blasting their way through a lot. I'm also proud of the 'Gem could explode at any moment' thing. We have an irrational hatred of Gem, as you may be able to see by the quotes in Darzoni's Reflections Campaign. -- Rynel

Eh, being the insomniac I am, I've put some thought into ideas about the setting. Given that the Void has always been there, there's probably thaumaturgical arts relating to how to survive in it and making ships that don't leak air like a sieve. On the distance problem... what if there were sorceries and artifacts that could use dragon lines like wormholes? Or at least travel faster when following an essence flow? Maybe the convergence of interplanetary essence flows is what creates systems and planets? -- Darzoni

Darth Maul = Day Caste. Darth Sidious = Midnight Caste. Darth Tyranus = Moonshadow Caste. Darth Vader = Dusk Caste. -- Darz.

I just dreamt this last night.. two Abyssals captured my ship, and the political refugee hiding aboard my ship became a huge liability. We found a derelict ship and were forbidden to enter it, as the things inside of it wandered into our ship from time to time.. I entered the creaking collapsing hulk anyway. That's a lotta salvage! -Paincake

Thats quite the dream; its possible with the stuff here, though! --Rynel

This setting brings to mind a strange crossbreed of Spelljammer and Warhammer 40k (possibly Battlefleet Gothic in particular). I believe that's a good thing ^_^
-- Darloth

I'm probably going to be trying to expand on this stuff, if Rynel approves. -- Darz

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